If you care about: Never tell Gemini to shut up, never try to tell Virgo he’s wrong

It doesn’t matter whether you're in a relationship or just friends, these are the things you definitely shouldn’t do to men you care about.

Every sign has its own peculiarity. 


Never get into a fight with them

Aries is bad tempered, aggressive and impulsive. Plus, they are athletic and strong and may be violent.


Never steal their food

They will be happy to share it with you, especially if they made it themselves. But if you steal something from him, he will be very offended and will lose all respect for you.


Never tell him to shut up

For him, communication is the key thing, and if you tell him to shut up - that would be as if you cut off his hand.

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Never criticize them

Cancers are a little insecure and every criticism, even those well-intentioned, is like a punch in the stomach for him. In fact, it would hurt less if you actually punched them.  


Don’t try to surpass them

Leos like to be the center of attention, and if you try to take that away from them, they will hate you all their life.

If you care about: Never tell Gemini to shut up, never try to tell Virgo he’s wrong


Never try to tell him he’s wrong

Virgos will use all their energy to show you that they are right and you're wrong - and it won’t matter how much time they’ll need, even their whole life.


Never argue with them

Libras don’t like conflict and pressure when it is necessary to make a decision. If you decide to push them anyway, you will experience a complete breakdown - and it's not a pretty sight.


Never lie to them

These are passionate men who can’ forgive lies. If you get caught in one, things can get bloody.

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Never try to tie them to yourself  

Sagittarius needs freedom, both physically and mentally. If you are too demanding or want to prevent them from going somewhere, they will simply explode.


Don’t pretend to be something you're not

Capricorns are very honest and direct, and when someone is pretending to be something he’s not in front of them, they will immediately start to hate that person.


Don’t try to change them

They are unique and definitely live life by their own rules, and if you try to change them into something they’re not, they'll hate you for life.


Don’t try to trick them

Pisces may be too sensitive and if you play a practical joke on them or try to trick them - be prepared for an emotional episode that can last for several seasons.