Zodiac signs and losing weight: Virgo and Capricorn can easily lose their weight...

Do you need more or less effort when you want to lose some weight, may also depend on your Zodiac sign.

Find out if you are one of those who can do it easily, or you have to work hard?  




Members of this sign will, with a lot of enthusiasm, go on a diet, but if the scale does not show the desired results quickly, they are ready to give up. They like to starve, but that  way, they will have a yo-yo effect. The best thing for them is to eat snacks, which they normally do not eat; a grapefruit and green tea will help them. They just adore sweet food, and do not need to renounce to it to be less nervous, but they have to focus on healthier sweets.



Members of this sign will take a time to decide to go on a diet. However, when they find enough courage, they are persistent, and in that way they slowly but surely lose weight. It’s recommended for them to eat more apples and stronger spices -curry and chilli, which will boost their slow metabolism. Wheat and oats are an excellent choice for breakfast, as well as yogurt; to Taurus, sweets are not recommended.



Gemini can eat nothing during a day, and to eat continuously for three hours during a night. They should, as well as Taurus, eat snacks, and should change coffee with tea. It is very important to eat stewed vegetables- it will saturate them.



Members of this sign usually like to cook and to eat, so for them, a diet is a hard thing to do. They are prone to fast foods, which should be excluded. They chronically have to lack of vitamins in their body, which should make up with fresh fruit –especially with apples, tangerines, and oranges. They don’t like white bread, but after a few days of diet will get used to it, and will withstand those early days, especially in times of stress when food serves as a consolation.



Leo loves good foods and drinks, but rarely have problems with weight, because they know how to control. They know that everything  is as “bonded” to them and that some extra pound will slip... They are one of the signs with a “thankful” metabolism, so for them is enough to boost or to introduce a physical activity. It is advised to them to have an extra entry of walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.

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Virgo is very disciplined and if challenged to lose weight, you have to believe that they will do it rapidly even if they have to starve. In particular,  meat products and dishes prepared with fat are not advised, but cooked dishes will do them well. More stroll will not hurt.


Zodiac signs and losing weight: Virgo and Capricorn can easily lose their weight...



Members of this sign are one of those  to whom a diet represents a living hell. They do not like limits, testing the character or starvation. So when on a diet, they kneel on a very first day, and the smartest thing that they can do is to go to have some practice with friends, because they will make them do some action. In their menu, there should be more yogurt, fish, brown rice, spinach, and soup.



Scorpio rarely goes on a diet, but if s/he does, then s/he is disciplined. Usually, they are very dedicated to their work and various tasks, so they are skipping meals in the first part of the day, which is their biggest mistake. If they decide to go on a diet, a healthy breakfast is inevitable, and in other, meals should introduce greater amounts of vegetables such as celery, broccoli, and grains. To appease hunger, low-fat cheese is an excellent choice.

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Sagittarius is one of those who have to work hard to lose weight. They find it difficult to resist to sweets, snacks and other dishes offered by others. To have a successful diet, it is important to bring as many vitamin C, onions, and lettuce. It will be difficult to lose weight if do not exercise, because their sacrifice is too small to be reflected on weights.



Members of this sign are just like Virgo, very disciplined. They will determine by themselves the period during which will "relax" and put a little fat on, as well as the period for weight loss. A question of ideal weight for them is a health issue, and it is best to introduce vegetable soups, tuna fish and fresh vegetables. They can allow themselves to have something sweet - but occasionally, let’s say - once a week. The greatest enemy for them is pasta and caloric sauces.



Aquarians have no problem with diets, but there are some rules for the diet which they should adhere to. They do not like planning, grocery shopping and a combination of meals, and most importantly are that when choosing food, they will reject those things that contain a lot of calories because that way they will not be able to be tempted. This particularly refers to chips and alcohol, because they enjoy it.



Pisces is prone to overeating and to put weight on, and the best way of starting a diet for them is a detoxification with tea, vegetables, fruits and lean meat. After seven days of cleansing the body and the removal of accumulated toxins, it is desirable, gradually and in small quantities, to introduce carbohydrates that plump them. Diet is hard for them, and the easiest way is when they have a real company that will provide support.