Zodiac signs and keeping a secret: Cancer is confidential and loyal, a walking secret is the Scorpio's middle name

Find out to which zodiac sign you can tell everything without worrying that your secrets will be discovered, and with which you must be careful.



If you have entrusted the secret to him or her, be careful not to put them out of line, because at that very moment they react by impulse and will tell all, regardless of who is in your presence. This, of course, will not make with the intent, but because they do things first, and then think; but if they divulge something that you do not want to be divulged, that will not be of any use for you.



Is stable and persistent, but confides a secret to Taurus only if you know they agree with what you say. In all other cases, keep it to yourself. Taurus will try to explain that this was not true and smart and that you complicate yourself a life for no reason. Test him with a story '' What do you think about ... 'and then, eventually, entrust a secret.

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This is a sign, which is the embodiment of loquacity, so do not confide them a secret even in a dream. Even if he do not need to tell someone fresh news, he will "blurt out" quite by accident while drinking coffee with someone who will make it public. So, be careful when confiding secrets to Gemini.



 is confidential and loyal, but if you will make them cry or sentimental with a secret, do not negotiate. Cancer will offer a shoulder to cry on, comfort, hug, and tea, anything to help you. All in all, you can count on cancer because when you are important to them, they never reveal what they know.



Secrets that may tempt them to boast or to prove in front of someone do not confide. And if the secret is about his competition or a person who was not nice, this alliance with you about the secrets will be interesting. If you can help them to win someone, they will be by your side. 

Zodiac signs and keeping a secret: Cancer is confidential and loyal, a walking secret is the Scorpio's middle name


Discrete Virgo will keep entrusted information until the time you walk away from him/her. Then they will begin with the stories' when I remember everything what I know and I kept my mouth shut, and who told me thank you ''. So, only if you are long enough with the Virgo on good terms, and you plan to continue, then open your soul.



They are good friends, but it can happen that in circumstances can be led to the measurement of the reasons for or against disclosure of entrusted secrets. So, behind their charm, rarely hides extreme confidentiality. They gladly spread a happy story about his friends, of course, well-intentioned.



A walking secret is the Scorpio's middle name. If inquisitors would torture them, they will keep their mouth shut. They understand the secrets because they have them in larger quantities. And when something is revealed, apologized publicly, or is found out, it loses a charm, and it is no longer that. Feel free to confide them everything, even the plotting, they'll watch your back.



If there is no inborn talkativeness of Sagittarius, they will be great friends. Especially if the secret is revealed over a drink, the story will never end. It may happen that, thinking that somebody else told something, they start to talk you about all that can remember, about all the people who entrusted something to them.



True "gray eminence" of the horoscope. These are the rulers from the shadows, who with watchful eye reveal secrets that you do not want to confide in them. Capricorn knows how to reap the benefits of keeping a secret because in exchange for their discretion you will have to arrange a meeting with someone who they need for a job. Their finances are the biggest secret.



If you want to be a guardian of the secrets of Aquarius, you must have an extremely eccentric secret. In all other cases, they will laugh at your need to consider as a secret a usual thing. In the first gathering of the whole group of friends, they will tell your secret with a bunch of witty repartees.



With Pisces, there is no big risk. They might forget entrusted secrets, but if they remember them, they will keep them forever, because Pisces are very mysterious and accordingly prefer people with secrets. Don’t ever entrust them something that is contrary to their emotions.