Useful for the first meeting: The best kisser among all zodiac signs

Every person perceives a kiss in a different way, but the stars reveal what characterize which zodiac sign...

After a successful meeting, the expectancy of the kiss is one of the most intimate moments of the beginning of a love story. In a case that you know his or her zodiac sign, find out what to expect.



A kiss of Aries is frisky, strong and impressive. To an act of kissing, Aries access enthusiastically and knows how to set a partner on fire.



A kiss of Taurus is slow, sensual and strong. Before the kissing, Taurus love to cuddle or to hold a partner's hand.



Gemini has a changeable nature which is reflected to their kiss. However, you will not be disappointed because Gemini is excellent in kissing.



Cancer loves to kiss and often is an initiator of a kiss. It will be nicely, but it won’t leave you breathless.

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This kiss will blow you away. Just relax and let yourself go.



It is possible to say that the kiss of Virgo is perfect because is emotional and careful.


USEFUL FOR THE FIRST MEETING: Which zodiac sign is the best kisser?



Libras are one of the most romantic zodiac signs. They live to satisfy the other.  If you are a person who pays more attention to your partner, the Libra is the ideal choice for you. If you show him/her that you want a relationship with him/her, it is definitely yours. Take the romantic evening and then give him/her the most romantic passionate kiss ever.


There is one word that describes Scorpio at any time of day or night- a passion. Scorpio approaches to everything with a lot of passion. Therefore, you can only imagine what happens when they stand in person with someone they like. Scorpio cannot kiss. And of course, you will remember that kiss for many, many years.

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They always want more than what they get. If you want to seduce the members of this sign, repeat a kiss for countless times.



Capricorn kisses with elegance and subtly. Anyway, if you want to have a kiss from this sign, you will need a lot of patience because they don’t give a kiss just like that.



They like a kiss that is sudden and unusual. If you want a kiss from the member of this sign, you have to pretend to be uninterested in attracting them.



You will have a kiss from Pisces only if you smell good. Pisces kisses with tenderness, feelingly and intently, and you just have to respond in the same way.