Horoscope: Mars, Venus and Moon decide whether you are right for your partner or not

Most people are interested in their sign and ascendant when they want to determine their compatibility with other people.

However, in order to better understand compatibility between certain horoscope signs and choose the person who really is a good fit for you on an emotional level, it is necessary to dig a little deeper into the natal chart.

Compatibility depends on many more factors than simply compatible signs, ascendants or elements. The most important factors which makes judgement on your love and determines whether two people are made for each other are Mercury, Venus and Moon. Their position will reveal everything.


Planet Mars rules your vitality and sexuality. Its position reveals your ‘love triggers’ - what attracts you and makes you happy, and what makes you very angry. Whether your desires and goals in life coincide depends on the position of Mars in the natal chart and this is one of the most important factors for a successful relationship, experts say.


The position of Mars also determines which approach will work in courting and why you may fail, and whether your sexual energies will be a match.

For example: A person with Mars in Aries will want to take the first step and will fall for confident and direct approach, whereas a person with Mars in Pisces, aggressive approach and open flirting can chase away forever.

Horoscope: Mars, Venus and Moon decide whether you are right for your partner or not


While the position of Mars is crucial for your sexual compatibility and agreement on the issues concerning life attitudes and goals, Venus determines how well your differences will fit together, i.e.,. how will your personalities complement and how you will deal with those matters in which you disagree.

The position of Venus in natal chart gives you insight into your partner's taste, values they adopt, things that bring them pleasure, what makes them happy and what attitude they have towards themselves and others...

Venus is the planet of harmony, coordination, solving problems, behavior in crucial situations.

For example: A person who has Venus in Virgo may not sit and cry with you when something unfortunate happens, but will be there for you whenever you need it and will provide you support and help always looking for the best and least painful solution for your situation.



The position of the Moon in the natal chart is able to straighten out many incompatibilities in other segments of the horoscope. It makes possible for even seemingly impossible combination to work very well.

For example: Sagittarius with the Moon in Pisces will have much more compassion for others than it is usual for Sagittarius, so they can achieve very deep and rich relationship with a person born in the sign of Pisces.

Moon rules our emotions - how we perceive and manifest them, our basic needs and the deepest, hidden desires. It determines our instinctive reactions, unconsciousness and relations with loved ones. It can be the key to achieve compromise and reconciliation of attitudes.

Because of all this, it is clear that knowledge of the position of Mars, Venus and the Moon in the natal chart can significantly improve your love relationship, mutual understanding and connection. Above all, it can help you to understand what it is you really need, save you from wasting time with the completely wrong person and many disappointments.