What kind of a mother you are going to be: Leo selfish, Libra patient

You have certainly at some point said the famous words 'I will never be like my mother' or 'When I have a child I will never allow that.' However, astrologers claim that your zodiac sign will definitely affect your decisions and behavior once you find yourselves in the most important role of your life.


Positive sides: Self-confidence, self-awareness, strength and fearlessness.

Negative sides: Anger, obsessiveness, excessive vanity, selfishness, too competitive spirit.

Parenting style: Big bravo for fearless warrior mom. Aries moms all function with a unique, fearless style. The way they approach life, and it's like going into a battle very lively, with excitement and intention to win, and such are their parenting methods. Still, they are very important to themselves and despite the fact that this little creature demands all the attention of the world, which will be given to it,  Aries can set boundaries.


Positive sides: Stability, good taste, common sense, effort and diligence.

Negative sides: Compliance, materialism, frequent mood swings, vanity.

Parenting style: First study, then play- that’s the main method of raising for Taurus moms. But when they do all their obligations and they know they are all safe, clean, ironed, healthy, safe and sound, they can enjoy. Taurus moms are those who will force their children to go to extra classes and sit with a book until they are certain that all the necessary knowledge is adopted, but they are also those moms that will allow their child to try and drive a motorcycle at the age of 12 if that’s what he wants.


Positive sides: Curiosity, open mind, originality, creativity, youthful spirit.

Negative sides: Inconsistency, intolerance, contradictory, lecturing instead of listening to the problem.

Parenting style: Mom with many personalities – that’s the shortest description of a mother born in this sign. These are complex and even contradictory persons, but with them it’s never boring and kids love them. Their principles and the manner of raising are not clear to other people, they don’t realize their consistency in one and complete inconsistency in other things, but those are Gemini, the most contradictory sign in astrology.



Positive sides: Sensibility, comfort, good taste, dedication, sentimentality.

Negative sides: Frequent mood swings, jealousy, overprotective, fearful.

Parenting style: Maternal instinct is like an innate gene for many women Cancer. This sign acts like a mother since she can remember, to her best friends, in relationships, to pets – they are simply born for this role. These are one of those moms who studied everything about pregnancy, childbirth and raising a child, as soon as they found out they were pregnant. Their dedication and caring when it comes to children and family are such that they almost completely neglect their social life and all those little but significant joys of life.


Positive sides: Self-confidence, leadership, cheerful and playful spirit, creativity.

Negative sides: Selfishness, unnecessarily dramatic, ecstatic.

Parenting style: Lights, camera, action! Creative and dramatic Leo mom is on the scene and you'll know she is or was there, wherever she appears. Parenting is a unique and personal experience for a Leo, and also a job in which they invest their heart and soul. They raise children so that they can feel proud and successful and to aways walk through life with their head high, but they also protect them like lions. The mission of Leo mom is to raise her children the best possible way, just make sure that you don’t step on that path. 

What kind of a mother you are going to be: Leo selfish, Libra patient


Positive sides: Healthy habits, organization, intellect, common sense.

Negative sides: Frequent worrying and nervousness, self-judgment, the tendency to over-analyze, judgment.

Parenting style: Finally, you have an excuse to direct everything according to your wishes, for planning, organizing, for all that order, work and discipline that needs to be introduced into everyday routine so that everything works as it is supposed to. Even though this similarity is possessed by every Virgo mom, with some less, and with some more, there are the differences between them. So some of them will be natural in this role, while others which are a bit introvert, bookish types and not very sociable, will need a considerable period of adaptation in order to get used to the fact that everything in their life is now subordinated to a small, helpless being.


Positive sides: Patience, good taste, fearlessness.

Negative sides: Inconsistency, snobbery, vanity.

Parenting style: When a Libra becomes a mother a moment comes when scales are in harmony, there is no more place for calculations and thinking through over and over again and constant weighing, weighing, weighing. Or maybe there is? Even though mom Libra easily performs all her obligations that her little pink screaming bundle brings and puts her child and family before her without a problem, there are days when she loses her balance, but she always comes back, aware of her priorities. In her upbringing of children it is not only important for them to become quality people, but also to treat them that way from an early age. It isn’t hard for them to explain to children for hours why the sky is blue and to listen to what they think.


Positive sides: Intuition, strength, flexibility, strong will.

Negative sides: Paranoia, emotional, the need to control, obsession.

Parenting style: Scorpio mom is a unique mix, she's a bit scary, but also creative and inspiring, unconventional, and a control freak. She is scary overprotective to her children. This is emotional water sign, and just like with Cancer, care and attention are in her nature. The world and the environment don’t affect her much, but her heart can stop in a second because of her children. Also, when it comes to raising children, it is important to these moms to ensure the future of the child and in order to do that they have a systematic plan.


Positive sides: Humor, wisdom, spirit of adventure.

Negative sides: Impatience, rudeness, excessive spontaneity and lack of structure in raising.

Parenting Style: Spontaneous Sagittarius live for the moment, so motherhood in their lives is a significant turnover. They extremely appreciate their freedom and independence, which is why parental responsibilities and worries can be really hard for them. Still, when they find themselves in this role they often go to the extremes by dedicating  themselves to children and daily obligations completely and are totally exhausted. But when they relax and their spontaneous spirit enters maternal waters, the whole family has gained.



Positive sides: Tendency to planning and excellent organization, consistency, patience, thoughtfulness.

Negative sides: Excessive worrying and anxiety, pessimism, extreme seriousness.

Parenting style: Considering that the ruling planet of this sign is Saturn, which in the Zodiac is associated with authority and masculinity, women born in the sign of Capricorn also have these traits, especially mothers. They are not afraid to set rules and limits to their children, in order to teach them lessons they consider important. These moms are also very traditional and believe that children should respect them, just like they did their parents. Observing things through traditional norms plays a significant role in the upbringing of their children.


Positive sides: Youthful spirit, originality, open mind, justice.

Negative sides: Setting Boundaries, the tendency to drama, restlessness, excessive indulgence.

Parenting Style: Aquarius mom has an unusual and curious character that is impossible to fit into a mold. They excellently cope with the mess that can take over the house with a baby any minute, and her parenting methods can change in no time without any warning, with her everything is an adventure and no day is  ordinary or boring. She looks at her role of a parent just like at her life, as a great journey, and she is doing great on that journey.


Positive sides: Compassion, imagination, creativity, caring.

Negative sides: Manipulation, instability, excessive sense of guilt.

Parenting style: Sensitive and emotionally intelligent, full of empathy toward the world that surrounds her, to a Pisces mom children come first, even though it may not look that way, because she often treats herself a trip, a pair of shoes or going out to lunch with her friends, where she persuades them to do the same for themselves. However, they will give such pleasures and surprises to her children too, and she will plan all their birthdays and costume parties in the most creative way possible with great joy.


What kind of a mother you are going to be: Leo selfish, Libra patient