Tibetan horoscope: 12 paths of wisdom and tasks that await us in life

Each sign in Tibetan horoscope carries a certain wisdom. Find out what the sign in which you were born tells you...

Tibetan horoscope is based on the belief in twelve paths to wisdom, and every man, according to the date of birth has its own ‘path of wisdom’, goal and karmic task, that they will have to accomplish in life. Read this review and check: do you find yourself in this horoscope ...

Aries - reincarnation

Aries in the life cycle means past lives. He is a heroic dragon who fights internal demons and external temptations. He has the energy and aggressiveness of Mars. He runs away from the monotony and thinking. Social professions are recommended to Aries through which they can improve themselves and transform egocentricity.

Karma: you need to live in the present, examine your inner life, meditate, find joy, live when things are not so good. You need to forget the failures and to look forward. That is how Aries will discover the secret key to space peace.

Taurus – creation of the spirit

Taurus represents growth, understanding, wisdom. He is protected by Venus, earthly love, mother of beauty and art. He creates security because he has the experience of past lives, but the creation of spirit initiates contact with the inner life.

Karma: action does not depend on the work, but the psyche. Fiery nature hides insecurity. The Taurus are not motivated by security but by doubt. They can beat conservatism by controlling their energy. Only in this way they will find inner security.

Gemini - psychic and spiritual evolution

In the life cycle it represents knowledge and intelligence, dualism: spiritual evolutionary consciousness and earthly knowledge of stagnation. It is dominated by Mercury, which makes them social, capable, pleasant, attentive, curious, agile, intelligent, liars, fickle, have a good memory, and never bring anything to an end. Although he feels the need to develop spiritually, he will never find peace.

Karma: unstable, mood oscillations. In achieving great goals they need to remain realistic, they will be able to overcome the contradiction. They need to meditate, to make decisions, the solution to the problems is closer than it seems.


Cancer - the birth of a man

It represents knowledge, the incarnation of the spirit in the physical world. Mental incarnation is near the end, physical begins. It is the symbol of motherhood, body, feelings, the universe of a woman. In order to protect himself, he keeps everything to himself as in a sealed box. They find spiritual value in the family, but after a long and patient meditation, when they finally understand where the source of life is. They believe in the universe too much, and want to prolong childhood, ask for attention, loyalty, continuous proof of love.

Karma: he is possessive, he wants to be the center of attention, he is too authoritative and everyone will run away from him out of fear not to get into his hands.

Leo - universal consciousness

It represents a synthesis between consciousness and reality. The man is a heart, a microcosm. Leo participates in the material world, wants to succeed and continually proves to be the leader. He will succeed when he wins the envy, the need to be admired, gastronomy and sensuality.

Karma: He feels like the center of the world. If he doesn’t manage energy well he can disturb the development of his personality and go too far in egoism. Even the most cautious Leo can lose sanity. When this happens, you should stop, listen and learn from others. You need to serve the others: that’s the only way to establish the cohesion of consciousness and reality.

Tibetan horoscope: 12 paths of wisdom and tasks that await us in life

Virgo - material, work, physical world

Virgo wants to go back to childhood. It is dominated by Mercury. Relationship with things is simultaneous, they receive and they give. Over the years they develop the critical spirit that objects to everything and is never satisfied. The trouble lies in excessive resentment. In analyzing Virgo is impartial.

Karma: If they want to mature spiritually, they need to stop dealing with themselves and begin to care about others. They need to open up to great ideals of humanity.

Libra - sensitive expansion

Libra seeks a balance between matter and spirit. One should decide between harmony or discord. Ambition is reduced only in the case if there is someone who would like them. They have a calm temperament, they are active, without exaggeration - a happy combination of social life. They need to find universal knowledge.

Karma: This is the most unstable sign of the Zodiac, they are very sensitive. They can fly very high, but also destroy dynamics. The balance is not to let them close themselves into their own statistics, but to take the risk and upset themselves.

Scorpio - Desire for eternal life

It is the conflict of mind and matter, it is attractive, everything should serve the satisfaction, Scorpio moves to win. The desire to live is prolonged, there are: egoism, beauty, sensuality and possessiveness. They want to enjoy the earthly passions but they are attracted by spiritual heights. They can be lost in uncontrolled bodily impulses. They destroy with their criticism, and fear death. Negative Scorpio destroys itself.

Karma: learn to save energy, not exaggerate, control passion. Control destructive force inside.

Sagittarius - stage of maturation

It represents the victory of the struggle between the spirit and matter. They are content. When they decide to stop bringing justice to the world, they will get the strength to become protagonists of divine law. They can live social life and evolve from within. They want to possess material goods, enjoy earthly success, but are also generous. Going backward is a threat to them.

Karma: You should not be trying to find out everything at any cost, and you shouldn’t waste energy on a million things. You can reach inner peace with serenity and altruism. You shouldn’t spend where it is not necessary.

Capricorn- superior knowledge

Success comes through the ordeal. A poor man (beggar, prophet) owns the key to understanding the limits of the earth spirituality, knows how to complete the process of reincarnation. Only he knows the goal of his journey, works in silence, lasts in time, lives in solitude. In order to develop, he needs to be in touch with people.

Karma: he wants to impose, which can initiate cynical despotism of megalomania. Energy should be directed to the sky, towards spiritual knowledge. Only in this way he can enter into the heart of the action.


Aquarius - conscious choice

Aquarius is turned toward others, they take responsibility for themselves, and are responsible for their actions, they are adults. They have no illusions and can’t close their eyes to reality. They rule their karma, they are true friends, and they should work in a profession where social interest is prominent. All the energies are united in Aquarius: duality and inner conflicts. They are initiators, immortal, and know the intellectual mechanism of spirit. They give themselves and people appreciate that.

Karma: they have an enormous wealth of love, and constantly live in fear that everyone will leave and betray them, even the best of friends. Not everyone can understand the greatness of Aquarius. Sometimes too much love can be fatal.

Pisces- return to the light

Pisces are a synthesis of rebirth. Pisces are the children of the sea, they live in the ocean. They are alone, but are united with the universe. They do well in the divine, without losing their individuality. You need to open the door leading to the universe.

12th sign is the symbol of death because the person is leaving bodily material life and entering the universe. When physical breathing stops, a new body is created. The cycle is complete, the human body is about to face the death but the spirit and the mental body start a new cycle of learning until the spirit is purified and released.

Karma: you should give in to the sea in order to get to the top of the waves. The long journey will be full of difficulties and Pisces should choose the easiest one. Through love they will reach complete emotional renewal.


Tibetan horoscope: 12 paths of wisdom and tasks that await us in life