Horoscope and rage: When you hurt Aries, you better move to another town, Virgo will punish you until you start to cry

Taurus remembers bad things ten times longer than the average elephant, Gemini is among the worst Avengers.

You never know what they are preparing as vengeance, Leo will set you on fire if you insult him.

Aries react impulsively

Considering that Mars is the ruling planet of the Aries, you must keep in mind that you confronted a real feisty beast.


Aries will not resist to jump and start fight if you insult or hurt him.


If they are personally hurt, the Aries is the dirtiest players you will encounter.


The way in which they use words and talent to find the ideal way to terrorize you verbally is fascinating, writes besnopile.rs.


Considering their bold temperament, it is logical to expect that if they are able to, they will try to attack you physically. Therefore, if you are not a master of martial arts, you better avoid them in quarrels.



Taurus never forgets


Like an elephant, Gemini will never forget if you hurt them - Even those who rarely forgive, will not forget. They may forgive you, but be prepared to be reminded for the rest of your life what an awful person you were to them.


If you upset some of the more aggressive members of this sign, you can expect anything, even the unexpected - nothing. It may happen that they won’t do anything, but don’t think that you are off the hook.


On the contrary, they will wait for you to suffer some life's torment and the moment when it will be really hard for you, to come over and kick you in the balls while you’re lying on the floor.


Of course, they will hate you for the rest of your life; you can bet on it.


The reaction of Gemini and their way of revenge can not be predicted.

They are so unpredictable that they will also surprise themselves with decision how to get even with you.


It is not a ratio; it is an innate talent for inflicting pain that they do not fully control consciously.


You can be lucky if there are many interesting things happening in their lives at the moment because they tend to forget about the vengeance as soon as something better occupies their attention, a new love, a nice event, and similar...


This is not a guarantee that they will forgive you, simply a tiny opportunity for you. It is also possible that they will start a fiery argument that can escalate into a real dispute of serious proportions...


Cancer can be unscrupulous

The problem of revenge that may be served by a person born in the sign of Cancer is that he or she would invest a lot of emotions and planning in it.


During the planning of revenge, they would hate you and remind themselves of the bad things that you have done, probably to keep the fire of revenge until the moment they throw all the sticks and stones of this world on you.


Their psychological constructions will lead to increase of hatred towards you, and you will probably be unjustly added 20 more negative points.


It is not impossible to physically attack you, so it is not a bad idea to be careful or to hire a bodyguard or inform the police in advance that you enraged the person in the sign of Cancer. Good luck...


Revenge of Leo is like fire from a machine gun

Proud and honest, the righteous Leos will arrange horror revenge if you upset or hurt them. If you reach the boiling temperature, you will burn from their rage.

HOROSCOPE AND RAGE: When you hurt Aries, you better move to another town, Virgo will punish you until you start to cry!

They will not sleep, not even close their eyes; they will only think of you and dream of the day they will meet you again. Then, expect the hell to come on you. No flattery and apologies will delay the execution of the sentence.


We hope that you did not insult a person born in the sign of Leo in a way that can’t be forgiven. God forbid, cursed their mother because in that case you can’t be helped. Black ink on black paper. Run and hope you're fast enough.



Virgo will walk over your balls in high heels and humiliate you in front of everyone.

Stubborn and merciless Virgo may not hate you too much but will punish you for sure.


Depending on your offense, you will be given a sentence. This is almost always some revenge that involves public humiliation and molesting that lasts for hours or days.


They will definitely mention your family, all the relatives and everything you have while they are punishing you because you asked for it.


Their task in revenge will most likely be to make you feel humiliated, defeated, without a way out and hope that you will be better shortly. They will do it so skillfully that there will be no witnesses... Be careful!


Horoscope and rage: When you hurt Aries, you better move to another town, Virgo will punish you until you start to cry