What does it mean when a watch shows the same digits

‘Someone is thinking about me’ is the sentence that has followed us since childhood, and now the same digits on a digital watch finally got their meaning.

Interpreting the numbers and moving of hands on a clock is increasingly popular. People have always been interested in the meaning of various symbols and numbers, and they mainly associated it with happenings in everyday life. When we see that the hands on the clock are overlapped, we usually say that someone is thinking about us at that moment. Of course, this is only true if you accidentally look at your watch.


According to some old beliefs, overlapped hands at noon or at midnight mean that someone loves us, and spread hands, that is the position of hands at 6 o’clock or 18.00, means that someone is thinking about us and wants to be with us.

However, there are different meanings for overlapped hands, and it all depends on the interpretation of the pattern to which you rely on. Usually meaning of certain times is associated with certain happenings in love plan.

And since we live in a digital era, a digital clock was taken into account, so we have two patterns by which you can interpret the meaning of overlapping hands and same numbers.

Hands on clock are overlapped, someone is thinking about me: What does it mean when a watch shows the same digits

We present you two patterns of interpretation, so pick one!

Interpretation pattern 1

00:00 – Loved person loves and wants you very much.

01:01 – Somebody wants to sleep with you.

2:02 - Person you love will never forget you.

03:03 - Person you like is thinking about you.

04:04 - Somebody fell in love with you at first sight.

5:05 - Person you love is playing with your feelings.

06:06 - Person you love likes your smile.

07:07 - Loved person needs to tell you something, but is somehow prevented to do so.

8:08 - Person you like is in love with you.

09:09 - Somebody has great desire to be with you.

10:10 - Somebody likes how your look.

11:11 - Today is your lucky day.

12:12 - Person you like will go back to their former love.

13:13 – Somebody suffers a lot because of you.

14:14 - Happiness awaits you in the following period.

15:15 - Your boyfriend / girlfriend is very jealous.

16:16 - You are not worthy of the person you love.

17:17 - You will experience great suffering in love.

18:18 - Somebody likes your eyes.

19:19 - Your partner is hiding something from you.

20:20 - Your loved person will never forget you and will always talk about you.

21:21 - In the following period you will be exposed to danger.

22:22 - Tomorrow you will experience great happiness.

23:23 - Somebody wants to spend time with you.


Interpretation pattern 2

00:00 – Person you love is in love with your friend.

01:01 - You will have health problems in the following period.

02:02 – Encounter with your loved one awaits you.

3:03 -  Person you like is in love with you.

04:04 - Loved person will never forget you.

05:05 - Somebody will fall in love with you.

06:06 – You will make up with the person you love.

07:07 - Your partner is cheating on you.

08:08 - Your partner is very jealous.

09:09 - You will soon receive a phone call.

10:10 – Somebody really wants to see you.

11:11 - Person with fair hair fell in love with you.

12:12 - You will have sex.

13:13 - Person with dark hair loves you.

14:14 - Somebody wants to kiss you.

15:15 - Old love wants to get back together with you.

16:16 - There will be happening with the person you like.

17:17 -  You will kiss someone.

18:18 – You have a long love relationship ahead of you.

19:19 – You don’t notice that someone truly loves you.

20:20 - Loved person is waiting for you.

21:21 - Person that you have wanted for long likes you.

22:22 - You are about to meet your loved person.

23:23 - You will be asked out on a date.


Hands on clock are overlapped, someone is thinking about me: What does it mean when a watch shows the same digits