Emotional fears of the horoscope signs: What stops him/her to open up to you

No matter how love is an important part of life and a basic need for every person, people usually fear to surrender to it, especially in the beginning.

These are things that stop Zodiac signs to open up to their partners and let love rule their lives. 



They want everything to be their way, the way they planned. That gives them the feeling of superiority, and they fear to lose it when in a relationship. Since they can manage things on their own, they are reluctant to tell others how much they need them. Besides that, they should be careful not to be too demanding.


When Taurus makes a commitment, s/he tries to keep it forever. That's why s/he needs so much time to choose the right person. Once in the relationship, Taurus gives his best to keep the things unchanged. The fear of deviation of the routine is his major barrier to intimacy- which should develop, not stagnate.


Gemini adores flirting, they rarely do their best to keep the relationship going. The fear of boredom is what prevents them from investing more of them into the relationship. Besides that, they are afraid that their partner might become aware of their 'dark twin' whom they really try to hide.



Cancer is afraid that others might see how vulnerable s/he is. But, his emotions are so obvious, that this happens very often.  When someone sees through him, he feels to be left to the mercy of his loved one. They do not like to appear vulnerable, and that's why they keep people at the distance.


Leo finds it hard to give up on the feeling of having everything in control, so s/he keeps his/her partner at a distance. Leos have to learn how to control their temper and to realize that sharing is the key to a successful relationship.

Emotional fears of the horoscope signs: What stops him/her to open up to you


The feeling of being unworthy is Virgo's biggest problem. They are afraid to reveal their imperfections; yet, no one can be that good to reach their standards. Their dominant and analytical mind is the greatest obstacle to their love happiness.


Libras are trying to make everything nice and harmonious; that's why they sweep problems under the carpet, which only makes the distance between their partners and themselves. The real closeness contains a dose of reality, not only pretense that things are ideal when they are not. They are afraid of entering the chaotic circle of emotions, but that is necessary if they want to achieve a successful relationship.


They don't avoid or hide intimacy; moreover, they tend to have deep feelings. But, Scorpio's intensity and sincerity can often be too much for other people. On the other hand, they frequently hide their deepest feelings, because they are afraid of betrayal. Their biggest problem is confidentiality.



They prefer to be single, rather than in a relationship. Sagittarians like to be free, and they usually run for their lives when someone gets too close. The biggest obstacle for closeness is the fact that they feel trapped when in a relationship. They need partners who are ready to give them as much freedom as possible, but also to be by their side when needed.


Capricorns want to be perceived as strong and stable persons. Being capable, confident, and persistent, they stay away from emotions and revealing their weakness. Other people often rely on them, but they don't know who to turn to for help. Breaking down their walls is hard. Once they realize they are vulnerable and that it is not a big deal, they will manage to keep their partner by their side.


Aquarius puts logic before emotions. They always have a problem to express their feelings. Having the mind faster than minds of others, they think it is OK to satisfy their own needs first. The fear of losing their freedom is their biggest problem. As soon as they feel trapped, they will try to find the way out. In order avoid loneliness; they have to open up to others.


The biggest barrier to establishing intimacy is Pisces' lack of self-knowledge. They are like chameleons, capable of approaching to different people in different ways; but, in the end, they do not know what they want. When they spend some time on their own, far from other people's needs and feelings, they will understand themselves better and lose the need to save all people they love.