The best husband in horoscope! Sagittarius look for wise, and Leos for the faithful wife...

How well do you know a person you are married to, or who you love, or

with whom you might wish to spend your whole life? Discover with the help of astrology what are the qualities of your partner in marriage...


If there is a ‘pure’ type of Aries, he can be very desirable for all types of contacts. He belongs to that group of men that all the girls fantasize about. He has a romantic idea of what he wants from his wife or woman in general: in the first place, a woman must be beautiful, smart, and only then good. He is conventional, so in love he doesn’t give in to ‘bohemian’ type of romance.

They expect high morality in every respect from the woman they choose, even though they often don’t respect it themselves, they don’t stick to these norms. In fact, they don’t tolerate any kind of accidental ‘love affairs’. He is very open, but he's always looking for some sort of pleasure outside his home: it's mostly sex, because if he isn’t satisfied at home, he will look for it somewhere else.

Man Aries is proud, a complete personality and throughout his whole life he will send his wife romantic invitations. His biggest problem in marriage is how to satisfy his romantic concept of physical love. In this field, he has almost insatiable appetites that he can’t sublimate. A woman who wants Aries for her husband can count on the longevity of this relationship, only if she can match him physically, that is, in bed.


As a husband, Taurus has the best qualities than anyone in Zodiac. There are some descriptions of the Taurus as immoral, however, this can only be true if one keeps in mind their strong need to satisfy their intense physical life. He is mild, good and faithful. He will never neglect his home and family for any other interest. This type of man adores his wife and children and he is trying very hard to provide them with the best living conditions, education, clothes and entertainment there is.

This type of man most often marries a girl with better material and social position than him, because he is guided by the ambition to succeed and move in higher social circles. Venus gives him an extraordinary sense for beautiful, which contributes to the fact that Taurus always seeks beautiful woman for himself. They adore to have others depend on them and they like to feel that they provide everything to their wife and children. Once they get married, they hardly ever get a divorce.


This is not a type of possessive man, nor he is the type for a possessive and passionate woman. These men are interesting people, talented, intellectual and scientists. Many men born in this sign are journalists, writers or various scholars. Their family life is scarce. He seeks a woman who will follow his mental interests.

He wants to change her environment and way of life, whatever it may be. This man’s woman must learn to come to peace with his general interest in other people and other women. He likes to flirt, but his filings are in fact never serious. If he finds a woman who can give meaning and direction to his life, but who will not suppress him or put pressure on him in any way, marriage with him could be successful.


Man Cancer is not the person who makes life easy, despite the general belief that Cancer, as a zodiac sign, is a very pleasant person. This type can be divided into two groups: the first includes men who love their home, but they are tedious, split hairs and critical. The second type includes passive, lazy and uninterested men who most often get married out of some gain, inheritance or position, or for any reason that will easily provide them with the acquisition of property or position.

Of course, this type is interesting and nice, but only when he chooses it. However, any husband Cancer, whatever type he belongs to, spends more time at home than other men. They have a deep traditional sense of home and family and has many qualities that relate to the women of this sign. Inconsistency and sentimentality can be seen as characteristic traits of a woman, but when it comes to a man, these qualities are not ideal, especially when they occur in big doses. Although he loves both his wife and children, he is basically never truly satisfied: he can always find something to criticize or to complain about.

These people are very sensual and they are looking for continuous erotic stimulation. As a rule, they are faithful if their wishes are satisfied at home. He is also timid and therefore avoids danger whenever possible.



Man Leo enters a marriage quite confused. He is capable of earning a lot and he likes it to show both on children and himself. He is incredibly proud, but not only of them, but above all of himself. He demands that he is always the center of attention and wants family life to revolve around him as planets do around the Sun. He is very kind, nice and dedicated to his family, but in his own way.

However, he will not tolerate disrespect of his personality or mess. In his head, he fixed in advance what is the duty of his wife and children. His love is deeply romantic and very absorbing, because he believes he is entitled to it all. Although he is very passionate, he will often unscrupulously seek adventures with other women in order to prove himself as a man.

And since he is basically conservative, he could never tolerate a woman who would behave in the same way beside him. She has to be scrupulous in every way and must be beyond any doubt. Since it is in his nature to judge, more others than himself, he will choose a woman with the highest standards of perfection. Average Leo is a good husband. His nobility, goodness and passionate loyalty in great matters of life and his truly great heart make him a very secure and satisfying husband for a sensitive, gentle and feminine woman.

Here’s who is the best husband in horoscope! Sagittarius look for wise, and Leos for the faithful wife...


Basically, the only right type for a woman Virgo is a Virgo man. He is neither interested in love, nor for passion, nor he is possessive. They are usually conventional, conservative and accept domestic life, because it is part of a social game. They like to lead their private life on a friendly basis, as if it were a commercial relationship. In many cases, they prefer to stay single, because it is somehow a natural feature of this sign. To a lesser or greater extent, this feature characterizes all the men born in this sign.

As husbands, they have many traits as Virgo women. One of the good things is that he is a capable man, who provides a comfortable and luxurious life for his family. He can be very critical, dissatisfied, and sometimes boring because of his hypochondria. He protects his home and his family from material damage. Man Virgo, even when there are no other bad combinations in the horoscope, is not too masculine. He has quite a small male domination in his appearance and performance. He has no passionate needs, and the furthest he goes in love is flirting, or simply a foreplay. He will never try to be a passionate lover, and his view of mere sexual activity is not very enthusiastic.


What was said about Libra as a wife, can’t be said for Libra men, because they are by no means ‘easy’ to live with. Their temperament does not exactly suit the domestic atmosphere and marital life, but nevertheless, they are very passionate, turned to tradition, and thus they don’t underestimate marriage. Libra husband is reasonable, he is the born judge in everything, and no zodiac sign can with such wisdom regulate their life as they can. One of his most valuable virtues is to keep the fate of his home in his hands: no other zodiac sign has this ability.

Lower type of Libra is not intelligent enough; they are superficial and not interested. The positive type will provide everything for his family, and will provide his wife with both elegance and luxury in clothing and jewelry, as well as in the home. He can be very patient, but also very passionate. For him, love is a great art. This type of husband can be very disappointed if he doesn’t find a partner who can adequately respond to his passion. But even when he has a good partner, Libra will sometimes look for affairs out of marriage. However, he will never think of divorce first, even if his family life is bad and without excitement.


It is most difficult to achieve marital harmony or a successful life together with them. The only way to do this is that his wife is always in the shadow and that she blindly follows him in all his endeavors. He can’t stand dominant women in any respect. He is a typical old-fashioned soul, in the house, he is a tyrant, as well as in other forms of social communication. His love reactions are so powerful and extreme that he is sometimes prone to violence. However, this sign still has several chances of happiness.

First of all, he is often very successful in his work and capable of providing alone from his work, for his wife and children, whom he most often adores. He is very possessive and jealous man. In fact, no matter how much love and attention he is given, he will always have reason to doubt and will always believe that his wife and children and business partners work against him. Though most of this is just his imagination, in a way, it will be his primus motor. Deep down, his feelings for his wife and children are truly noble, but he will never learn to express them in the right way. His selfish love will make life difficult for him and others. Sexually insatiable appetite is also part of his nature. His desires are enormous, and the pleasure he wants is enormous too. When it comes to morality, the principles are the same as with the woman of this sign.


This type of man requires a wise and tactical woman. This is, in fact, the characteristic of all husbands, but with the difference that the Sagittarius are a little bit split hairs and are much more likely to notice the weaker sides and mistakes of their partner. He wasn’t exactly ‘born’ for marital, or family life. His interest in the world is enormous. By nature he is human, so he will in some way participate in the work of various social organizations and in solving practical problems of his community. He is, in every respect, a man of the public. He is such a megalomaniac that his life often seems small and uninteresting. If his taste changes, he doesn’t see why he would continue to express sympathy towards someone. Even if he does not mind anything special, he sees life and love as a part of a sports game.

Of course, he is the ‘strong’ one in marriage. His wife must be broad minded, free from jealousy and slightly impersonal, even if that is not her true nature. She will have to be a real artist in order to be able to keep up with him and to satisfy his interests. It's not hard to live with these men. But due to their lack of feeling, great impatience for anything that is limited or strictly determined by the rules, wife of this guy will have to expand her horizons in order to be his equal. Their passions are sporty and adventurous. They are cheerful and interesting guys, who see love as a happy circumstance. All their feelings and desires are focused on quick and immediate action.


Although family life perfectly suits this type of man, it does not in any way contribute to his mental fulfillment. This type of man agrees to get married, but his personal reasons for this are most often selfish. As husbands, they are extremely good because they are ambitious and often very successful in their work, so they can earn a lot and materially secure their family. They don’t give much freedom for action to their wives. Even when there is a lot of money in the house, they need to be asked for every cent. He is a dictator as much as he is conservative, and when it comes to spending his money, he can quickly lose temper.

The woman, in a house in which he is in charge, has only a minor role. As the one in charge, he is precise, tyrant, destructive and unreasonable, breaks all the rules when they are not in accordance with his wishes. Everything must be subjected to rigid and rigorous discipline. He is not exactly ideal emotional partner for her wife because he has neither the ability nor the desire to share himself with someone and to create an atmosphere of satisfaction and enjoyment. His passions are strong but also quick. Of course, all these bad qualities can be relieved by a wise, tender and patient woman.


He is the most wonderful and most noble husband of all zodiac signs. He is not a passionate lover, his heart is not fiery, but he is honest and sincere. But, although they are social, nice and gentle, they consider marriage a part of the social scheme. Since they are cooperative, they can make a woman they marry happy.

They are thoughtful, perfect gentlemen in every respect, and they treat their wife and children with respect. However, the image of them is spoilt by a certain degree of impersonality. It seems that many women prefer more possessive and dominant type of men than it is the case with Aquarius. His impersonality may be seen as a lack of interest, which no egocentric woman can stand. In any case, it would be ideal for them to get married to very smart women, intellectuals, who, like them, have their own profession and career.


Husband Pisces undoubtedly works hard for the benefit of his wife and children. He is one of the most beloved and most attentive men, who presents his wife with courtesy. He spends more time at home than any other men, except maybe man Cancer, but he is not capable of providing for his family, and even though he often wants to treat his wife to something, he actually has nothing really to give her. And the worst of all is that he sometimes loses the sense of reality. His dreams, concepts, and ideas seem real only to him.

He is incapable of dealing with many life problems. These characteristics are not particularly desirable for marriage, especially when it comes to the struggle for existence. His main disadvantages are the loss of stability, strength, and energy. And all this is so important for a man who is entering a marriage and who is expected to support the family. If he finds a stable and determined woman who will be able to direct him to the right side, life with him could be wonderful. Men Pisces are sensual and look for a satisfying partner for socializing, but also for sex. To him, pleasure in bed is of extraordinary importance, and he will look for it all his life.