RAISE YOUR VOICE A LITTLE: People born in THIS sign are talented and work the most, but NEVER get any credit

Others take advantage of your work ...

Virgo likes to work, and at work she is precise and focused on details, which brings perfect results. The problem is that this sign is timid and critical as much as it is a good worker, so it'is unlikely that they'll evaluate themselves with a high grade. Virgo has a special gift of serving to other people. It is also interested in body and health preservation.

Intestines are organs that are associated with this sign; probably because of their complex shape and because of the very quick reaction to fear. Virgo is precise, conscientious, meticulous, rational and distrustful. It is an excellent associate that you can always rely on. It trusts more reason than intuition. It's turned to health, agriculture and also art. They live from their own work.

People born in the sign of Virgo are reasonable, objective and conscientious, and usually well organized. Many are very talented (art, fashion, medicine or literature), but since they are modest and tend to stay in the background, they often remain without well-deserved recognition. Although they often work better than others, credits sometimes go to another place. The reason for this is probably that Virgos almost neurotically don't like to take favors from others. They don't like to have any obligations towards others, whatever the reason may be.


Virgo is very fast when they need to negate their habits and character traits. They seem to be totally blind to their faults and completely unable to perceive them. However, that is an only illusion. She sees everything perfectly, to the smallest detail, but precisely because of that, they are unable to generalize it all. However, once they learn to masters small complicated things in life, Virgo is able to shape their own destiny with much more certainty than any other sign of the Zodiac.

Summer signs represent growing awareness about the role of a man that he had been awarded in life. Out of three summer signs, Virgo is the last. After Leo, it would seem that further growth of such special type of consciousness is not possible. But there are different kinds of development, each of which, taken by itself, leads to a dead end. No human fulfillment is perfect; therefore no human fulfillment is permanent. Leo's strong sense of personal value and radiation of strength and blessing to fellow travelers doesn't find its future human development in even stronger radiation, but in turning toward himself, with the old question: 'What is all this involvement for? Isn’t there a higher reality that we should search?'

RAISE YOUR VOICE A LITTLE: People born in THIS sign are talented and work the most, but NEVER get any credit

And so the Sun, through Virgo returns to its starting point, equinox. In the annual solar cycle Virgo indicates the first point of true examining of important life values. Virgos, like Gemini, are ruled by planet Mercury. So, it is a wise sign. But it is also an earth sign, which indicates that his mental influence is stronger than of the air Gemini. Instead of charm and wit, Virgo is more prone to critical examination.

Earthy qualities of Virgo, another earth sign, are different from the same qualities of Taurus. With Taurus, the earth is soft and rich with future proliferation. And now it's late summer; earth became parched and dry. On the surface there are cracks and lumps of earth are not connected any more with humidity as in spring, but are separated from each other and easily break down into smaller pieces.

This represents the spirit of Virgo: a time when everything is examined in detail, a time when it is penetrated into things in order to identify their differences. Symbol of this sign marks a mind that is trapped in the physical body. Similarly, in a certain sense clear ability to differentiate can be justified, and it is what characterizes Virgo, which is physically limited because it is directed towards issues of immediate and practical importance, and not air, theoretical abstractions.

The key to the influence of Virgo is a realization, which begins to wake up in ego, about the necessity of the need to develop opportunities for differentiation and distinction.


If your Sun is in Virgo, you will try to express your authority to others through your analytical ability. Discrimination (ability to distinguish right from wrong, truth from lie) in your mind can be expressed only as logical analysis, without thinking about deeper values. This analysis can be expressed as directing attention to details, what later on can be manifested through preoccupation with details, or even complete blindness.

So, one can easily conclude that Virgo has the natural gift for any job that involves attention and details. There were people born in some other sign seek fulfillment through expansion of their energy, Virgos look for it in their concentration. There were an Aries will try to break their way through difficulties, and Gemini tries to avoid them, Virgos will be disciplined and look for a passage that is just wide enough for them to slip through it.


RAISE YOUR VOICE A LITTLE: People born in THIS sign are talented and work the most, but NEVER get any credit