Horoscope: Check in the stars how beautiful you are

Maybe you've met someone on the Internet and texted or sent emails, and this person still hasn’t sent you their photo, and you are intrigued.

If you find out information about the birth of the person you're interested in, you can look in their natal chart whether they are handsome or it’s just a mask that hides perhaps a good heart, but the average look. Although your eyes give clear picture when you’re in front of a mirror, you can check in the stars how beautiful you are.

The real question is: What actually is beauty?​

Many philosophers have discussed this, but most agree that all the opinions or approaches have one thing in common and that is that appearance of a person has something that is in accordance with the general rules of aesthetics, but what is perhaps more important, it is the internal radiation. That way you can clearly see one’s physical beauty through stars, and also whether the person is charming and does this person radiate from within. Let’s start from the beginning.​

What are the indicators of beauty in the natal chart?​

Air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius – regardless of there is the sun, ascendant, or more planets in these signs) are distinguished by their physical beauty, they have a certain ethereal trait, sophisticated complexion. Among them Libra is usually the most harmonious and has a classic beauty.


Human signs (Gemini, Virgo, partly Sagittarius, Aquarius - again if there is the sun, ascendant or more planets) add loveliness to person's appearance, and to their behavior something tame and human. This ‘humanoid’ appearance attracts others because of sophisticated general appearance (more than ‘animal’).

Horoscope: Check in the stars how beautiful you are

Emphasized Venus (if in the ascendant, in the first house or if there are many aspects) gives pretty face, harmonious built, along with polite behavior and classic charm.​

Emphasized Mercury (if in the ascendant, in the first house or if there are many aspects) usually gives a person a youthful appearance, flexibility, agility, charm, and often slenderness.​

Jupiter and Sun in Ascendant or in the first house give a very dignified posture so that we can find ladies and cavaliers here, but (if they the same planets are in squares or oppositions) also a lot of boasts and show offs.​

Mars in Ascendant or in the first house gives genuine sports types, with a swift walk and military steps, and some people really like that. Posture is usually extremely straight and manly. Macho types usually have pronounced Mars in their natal chart (in a fire sign, or with a lot of aspects). In women, such a position is usually manifested through sports posture and emancipated approach. These women can sometimes be real little Amazon warriors.​

Moon in Ascendant or in the first house can give a person a round face and shiny ‘cat’ eyes out of which something radiates. But this is not something wild, but something vulnerable and gentle.​

Neptune in Ascendant or in the first house almost always gives great dreamy eyes from which subtle world of some interior depth, distant and unattainable radiates, so a person may seem unreal. The right word that could describe the appearance of such a person is - magical. Some people love that. If Neptune is in the same position, and in conjunction with Venus, the person has an almost irresistible attraction for the opposite sex. Even if the described conjunction is in the seventh house, it can act in similar way.​

Pluto in Ascendant or in the first house almost always gives a mark on head or face - usually a big mole, wart or a scar. Someone may look good with it. Sometimes Mars can give the same mark (and Saturn) in the same position.​

The conjunction of Saturn and Venus in Ascendant or in the first house gives a person a cold beauty, like a statue, so these people have a bony built, ideal for posing for sculptors and painters.​

Uranus in Ascendant or in the first house always gives something moved in appearance, so a person may look as if they came from another planet, and they often behave that way.​

If a person has a conjunction of Mars and Saturn in their natal chart, they almost always have a very striking appearance, often thick eyebrows, but the whole posture can be attractive, and also a little dangerous, or at least tempting. Someone likes that.​

As you can see, beauty is a relative term. Except for some general rules of aesthetics and harmony, everything else (will someone impress you with their looks or not) remains at the level of individual taste. And the taste should not be discussed. Here we gave you some basic guidelines, so when you have your own or someone's birth information, take a look at the natal chart (you can use our on-line menu) and read what are your chances to impress someone. And finally, there is a short test.


A short  test of classical beauty (who wants to can try it out). If you analyze your or someone's natal chart, you will find out whether the person has any of the elements described below. For each described position give the person 1 point.

1. Sun in air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius)

2. Ascendant in air signs

3. At least 5 planets in air signs

4. Sun in human signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius)

5. Ascendant in human signs

6. At least 5 planets in human signs

7. Venus in Ascendant or in the first house

8. At least 5 aspects with Venus

9. Mercury in Ascendant or in the first house

10. At least 5 aspects with Mercury

11. Conjunction of Venus and Neptune in Ascendant or in the first house

When you add up everything in the end, you will see who has more and who has fewer points, and whoever has the most may be the most beautiful.