Its nice to remember the childhood: Horoscope reveals your favorite toy

Oh, how nice it is to remember the childhood. You were carefree and cheerful. The grown-ups protected you from different things and were taking care of everything;

You had your games and your toys, which now, can tell something about you!

Remember, which toy was our favorite? Which one would you share only with your best friend, but you would never ever give it to anybody. Choose, from the list below, one that you loved the most, and then read the text. After that, check which horoscope sign is represented by which toy and compare it with your answer. Your answers should match your Zodiac sign or ascendant at least.

■ Remote control car 
■ Teddy bear 
■ Legos or puzzles 
■ Diving mask and fins 
■ Doctor Playset 
■ Picture book 
■ Drawing Kit 
■ Train set 
■ You cannot decide 
■ Gun or doll 
■ Ball 
■ Rocking horse 

Don't forget that playing games is extremely important in childhood. Your behavior while playing and your favorite toy, reveal your attitude towards game, but also towards your later life; because, life is nothing but a game. How you will handle it, how you will live, mostly depends on the pattern you adopted in your early childhood. Astrology is your character; you acquire it through your hereditary traits, environmental influence and upbringing. Games you played and toys you liked play a big role in all that. 

REMOTE CONTROL CAR- When you were a child, you liked new, interesting and challenging things. You didn't want a toy your friend had, for you'd already played with it. Your parents had to buy everything new and unusual. Remote control car was your favorite toy. It enabled you to be in control, to participate and to surprise. There was always a risk that you could break something while your car moves and joy if everything went without damage and parental scolding. (Aries

TEDDY BEAR – Both girls and boys like teddy bears. Big or small, it doesn't matter. If you have chosen this toy, you probably have pleasant memories of your childhood. You grew up in a cozy and loving home, protected from many difficulties. Your parents gave you their unconditional love. You had many friends, but you had no problems with playing on your own. You have managed to accept and to give love. That is a great value in life. (Taurus)


LEGOS/PUZZLES – You had always wanted many toys, and asked your parents to buy new ones. But, all of them quickly became boring and uninteresting. Then your parents came up with an idea to buy you Lego bricks. You could play with them indefinitely and not be bored; you could build and create new things over and over again. Finally, both you and your parents were satisfied. These toys helped you to develop your imagination, intelligence and desire to learn. And, you liked them the most and always went back to them. (Gemini)

DIVING MASK AND FINS- You really liked these the most. But you had to wait for the summer in order to play.  Until summer comes, you would have played with other toys, but you saved your love for summer, for diving mask and fins. There was no one happier than you at that time. Sun, sea, kids’ joy and happiness didn't last for long. The rest of the year you would have spent drawn into your shell and waited for your time to come. Your parents tried to cheer you up, to buy you some other toys, which couldn't replace your beloved mask and fins. (Cancer

It s nice to remember the childhood: Horoscope reveals your favorite toy

DOCTOR PLAYSET – You always had plenty of toys; other children liked to come over to your place to play with them. You were not selfish, in fact, you enjoyed when you could make someone happy. Your favorite toy was doctor playset. When you played with it, you felt important, proud and somehow adult. In fact, that was something for adults, just smaller and suitable for children. Many kids were your patients, but you also enjoyed to provide service to your grandpa, grandma, mommy, and daddy. As if you couldn't wait to enter the world of grownups and to skip your childhood. (Leo)

PICTURE BOOK – You seem to have always been ahead of kids of your age; it came naturally to you. Toys you were getting were not interesting to you, but you played with them out of your good manners and to pay respect to those who bought them. You would throw them away afterward and go back to a nice and interesting book. You were insistent on getting more and more picture books. Soon, you replaced them with regular books and completely entered the world of adults. But, you didn't regret that. You have only a few friends who could keep your pace and play with you. (Virgo)

DRAWING KIT - You really knew how to enjoy. You could turn your play, as well as your life, into something beautiful, into art. You had many toys at your disposal; and you liked them all equally. Yet, colored pencils and sketchbook you saved for your own pleasure, for peace and beauty you wanted to give yourself. When you draw something, you will run to your parents to show them your little masterpiece. Cheerful and proud, you wanted to share unselfishly the beauty with others. At those moments, you were the happier kids in the world. You could appreciate the beauty and to admire it. (Virgo)

TRAIN SET – To you, it was like the real one; a train with intertwined rails. You liked to start the engine and watch. It had its regular path through small hills and valleys, by a small river and railway station. There was also a railway switch that you operated. By watching the train move, you would sink into your small and distant world, thinking and fantasizing. You had your own peace, which no one dared to disturb. You were so occupied with your toy, so you didn't feel any need to play with other kids. (Scorpio)


ANY TOY, YOU CANNOT DECIDE - You always had many toys; you liked to play with all of them. In fact, with first you find in the cute mess of your bedroom. Toys were everywhere. You were happy, and you showed that when someone bought you some toy. You didn't demand anything in particular. In fact, you wanted it all. And, expected to have them one day; all the toys in the world. Only then you would be satisfied. Besides this, you knew how to enjoy in your little world and to share it with your friends. (Sagittarius)

GUN OR DOLL – You didn't have many toys. You were satisfied with the one you had; it was a toy gun, if you were a boy, or a doll, if you were a girl. Your parent bought you toys, but you didn't pay much attention. When they realized that, they stopped buying you toys. You enjoyed playing with your favorite. You carried it everywhere you went, and were loyal to it. It was your property; you didn't even think of letting your friends play with it. (Capricorn)

BALL – You enjoyed playing. Even now your life is like a game. You had many friends; and for such children joy, the ball was the best choice. You could play for a long time and carefree. In fact, you didn't like the ball for the ball itself, but for the great possibilities for socializing that it provided. Besides that, you didn't like to play inside. When you grab he ball and run outside, there was no one happier than you. (Aquarius)

ROCKING HORSE – Playing with other toys, you felt somehow normal, as if you had to eat or go to sleep. But, the moment you climb your horse that was rocking in the regular rhythm, it was like you entered your little, enchanted world. You let yourself to the imagination, wandered somewhere far away, in your own world. You could stay there for a very long time. Your parents had to be persistent in order to draw your attention. When you dismount your horse, you are in the real world again, and you continue playing just like other kids. (Pisces

It s nice to remember the childhood: Horoscope reveals your favorite toy