Day of birth in Burmese astrology: Mysterious people are born on Wednesday

Burmese astrology is based on number 8. Number 8 in Burmese astrology reflects the energy of the harmony, rejects imbalance and encourages good atmosphere.

According to this astrology, number 8 has additional elements. First, in their system there are eight planets, they take into account the seven planets and an additional one, Rahu. Burmese astrology is also based on the notion of eight days in a week, that is, they divided Wednesday into two parts. This astrology uses eight sides of the world. Each direction has its own unique vibration and symbolic energy. According to this composition of astrology, there is one day of birth, and its cardinal direction is very useful for them. Unlike the signs of the Sun, this astrology has horoscope signs of animals, and there are also eight of them. They are determined based on the day of birth, and here they are:

Garuda - SUNDAY

Garuda, a mythical bird that can be found in the folklore of India and Burma, is highly appreciated. It is also the first sign of animal horoscope in Burmese astrology. The day of the week that determines it is Sunday. So, if you were born on Sunday, you belong to horoscope animal sign of Garuda. Its ruler is the Sun, and its ruling cardinal direction is north-east. Garuda is kind and generous by nature. Sometimes they are too merciful. But they love a good challenge, and the harder it is, the more motivated they are to achieve. People in this sign are energetic and don’t let life crashes affect them. They are good mentors and inspiration to other people.

Tiger - MONDAY

The other in the line in the chart of Burmese astrology, the day of the week that is in correlation with cats is Monday. It is ruled by the Moon, and its ruling side of the world is east. Very cautious, intuitive and intelligent, Tiger has an eye for details. He is patient and strong, and they better not be forced in the wrong direction. They hate it if someone uses them and they hate people who waste time. They are focused and oriented only to the goal. They respect the laws and are responsible by nature.


Tuesday - this day of the week represents a Lion. Mars rules it, and direction is southeast - Lion is a born leader. By his role in nature, the king of the jungle is noble, proud, honorable and dignified. He has a very strong will, he is almost always right, and he is very confident. He likes a good challenge.

Elephant with fangs - WEDNESDAY from midnight to noon

The fourth day, that is, its first half is represented by a mighty Elephant with fangs. It is ruled by Mercury; its ruling cardinal direction is south. They are happy, enthusiastic beings who love to take risks and enjoy the challenges in their lives. They are passionate by nature and therefore receive a lot of attention. They are independent people who like to control everything they do.

In Burmese daily calendar, Wednesday is divided into two parts. The other half represents Elephant without fangs. Rahu rules it, a shadowy planet, its ruling direction is north-west. Individuals born in this animal sign are contradictory by nature. It's hard to figure out what's really going on in their minds. They are very mysterious and hate someone else's interference in their lives. They are excellent in presenting their talents. They are mostly successful entrepreneurs, and they do everything according to their own conditions.

Day of birth in Burmese astrology: Mysterious people are born on Wednesday


People born on Thursday belong to the sign of Rat. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter, and its direction is west. Rats are witty, intelligent and very smart and fast. They are resourceful and very opportunistic. They are introvert, but unstoppable when they decide on something. They are ambitious and know how to be ahead of everyone.


Guinea pig - FRIDAY

People born on Friday belong to the sign of Guinea pig. Their ruling planet is Venus, and their cardinal ruling direction is north. They are artistic souls and have imaginary nature. They are innovative and have great ideas. However, they are indecisive, often don’t know what they want. They are nice, kind and full of love. They are great friends because they are sensitive to other peoples' feelings.


People born on the last day of the week, on Saturday, belong to the sign of Dragon. It is ruled by Saturn, and its ruling cardinal direction is south-west. They have a philosophical mind and are full of understanding. They attract other people because they are self-confident, have a great sense of humor and positive vibrations. They love to work in isolation and believe that that’s how they can do their best.