HOROSCOPE and boredom: Virgo will always come up with something to employ, Pisces enjoy being alone and doing nothing

Aries doesn't know of boredom, to Gemini it is intolerable when nothing is happening, Libras are never bored, Aquarius always find something interesting to keep their mind occupied...

ARIES: Aries is always on the move and doesn't know of boredom. He comes up with numerous activities for himself, constantly makes new beginnings so that he doesn't feel boredom ever in his life. There is always something to do and somewhere to go, and when there isn't – they'll watch a spectacle, a football game, anything that raises the adrenaline.

TAURUS: Taurus embraces boredom as dearest friend. There is hardly a sign that deals better with boredom, to them it is not boredom but time to enjoy. Taurus will take advantage of those moments in a great way, lying down, drinking coffee and meeting their gourmand desires.

GEMINI: It's unbearable when nothing is happening. Thank God, there is always a cell phone and there must be a friend who’s free and eager to break the monotony. And in no time, Gemini figures out what he’ll do and where he’ll go, just to get out of the house.


CANCER: Cancers are never bored. They always have something to do around the house or have a relative coming over so they have to cook, tidy... If there is really nothing to do and no one is coming by, there is always a nice drama on TV or a movie they wanted to see again.

LEO: Leo loves boredom and lying down, after all this is a big cat. Of course, it shouldn’t last too long because as much as they love doing nothing, they also love action and entertainment. As great organizers, they will quickly think of something and gather people to have fun. 

HOROSCOPE and boredom: Virgo will always come up with something to employ, Pisces enjoy being alone and doing nothing

VIRGO: Virgo always has something to do and knows no boredom. They don’t like lying around doing nothing because it makes them feel bad. Virgo will always come up with something to employ - if not the hands, then surely the brain.

LIBRA: Libras are never bored. If she hasn’t already used the time for pampering herself then there’s always at least one friend who is in trouble and needs her, just when she was starting to feel bored. And an unresolved relationship that needs to be talked about, measured and thoroughly examined...

SCORPIO: Scorpios live fast so they can hardly wait for the day when they can get bored. They need peace and solitude when their energy falls. They don't like being disturbed in those moments.

SAGITTARIUS: They don’t know boredom because they are always in some kind of action and constantly devise something - dinners, socializing, sports activities. They gather their friends and enjoy.

CAPRICORN: This is a sign that often likes to be alone but he is never bored. He already planned every second of his time, he even uses that moment for further planning of his life.


AQUARIUS: Aquarius are social, always surrounded by friends and so they can hardly get bored. In those exceptional circumstances, when they are alone, they always employ their mind with something interesting. And there is always the internet, the main preoccupation of Aquarius.

PISCES: Pisces often get bored and then they can keep you up until morning, telling you different stories, pleasing you in everything, just to get you to keep them company. But there are moments when they enjoy being alone and doing nothing; that’s when you’re not welcome.