VIRTUES AND FLAWS: You can trust Cancer, relationships with Scorpio are usually very deep and intense

Since each zodiac sign has its own unique set of typical characteristics and compatibilities, it's useful to make a guide to know what to expect from each of them.

The list of pros and cons

The more information you have, even if it's from the stars, it's better for you. Which Zodiac signs will never make you feel bored, and which won’t respond to texts and calls?


Pros: Aries is ready for any adventure and experiment. They have a lot of energy, which is very addictive, and the relationship will be very passionate and active.

Cons: They can be too dedicated to themselves. They are known for not responding to calls and texts.


Pros: They are very kind and you will always feel safe with them.

Cons: Relationship can stagnate because they don’t want to compromise. They are known for their stubbornness.


Pros: You'll definitely never be bored. They are very intelligent, great speakers and will always put your needs and feelings first.

Cons: Since they are very intelligent, they may think they know better than anybody else. Also, Gemini has a habit of over-analyzing and getting upset over something they have come up with in their own mind.


Pros: You can trust Cancer, he will always behave dignifiedly. You can trust them with your secrets, this sign is distinguished by loyalty.

Cons: They are characterized by mood swings. They are happy one moment, but after a few hours, they are depressed. And don’t try to find out what's wrong. They immediately take a defensive attitude.


Pros: They have a lot of wonderful things - their sense of humor, their ability to make everything fun and interesting, their sexuality. You will have the best moments with them.
Cons: They are not sensitive to the feelings of others, and even without malicious intention they can offend a person.


Pros: They can be the best people in the world and will always consider your feelings. They are mature and reliable and you can rely on them.

Cons: Sometimes they are too sensitive and doubt your sincerity, especially when it comes to your desire to help them.

VIRTUES AND FLAWS: You can trust Cancer, relationships with Scorpio are usually very deep and intense


Pros: According to stars, these are the masters of kissing. They are excellent in the art of flirting and they know how to make you feel like the most attractive person in the world.
Cons: They hate conflict, and they try to avoid them, so you will often get lost in guessing what is going on and what they think.


Pros: Relationships with this sign are usually very deep and intense - emotionally and sexually. They have a lot of passion.

Cons: Passion is both good and bad. Scorpios can be so passionate and serious about their feelings that it is sometimes too much and even scares partners.


Pros: Happy and optimistic. They are open to new experiences and they like to meet new people.

Cons: They always need something new, because lasting monotonous relationships are not for them. They are often complex in their feelings, so you can never know the stage of your relationship.


Pros: One of the most reliable and committed signs, you will not have to worry about his loyalty to you. They don’t wait for holidays to make you feel special, they like to surprise you spontaneously.

Cons: They may be too controlling, so you will be a little bit suffocated in a relationship. Capricorns often use manipulation.



Pros: They are unique, always tend to learn something new, with them everything is comfortable and easy.

Cons: Sometimes they are too immersed in themselves and their thoughts, and not feelings. They have problems with feelings. Also, they can be too aggressive if they can’t control the situation.


Pros: They will be able to fully understand you and your feelings. They will make you laugh like crazy, and they won’t be just your boyfriend or girlfriend, but also your best friend.

Cons: Pisces are too sensitive. Sometimes you will not know what you did and caused them pain. Serious problems arise due to misunderstandings.

VIRTUES AND FLAWS: You can trust Cancer, relationships with Scorpio are usually very deep and intense