ZODIAC REVEALS: Why are stars so cruel to your destiny

It seems to us all that in certain periods of our lives, we were born as a jinx. How much truth there is to it and why is this so, our horoscope reveals.



He clings to fortresses that can’t be conquered and doesn’t admit defeat until he is completely mentally destroyed. Aries wants everything and he wants it now. Waiting for something tires him terribly, tactics is a noun he doesn’t have in his vocabulary.  He won’t admit making mistakes no matter what, and he hardly ever learns from them.

He is unhappy when there is no one to admire him and loves people who love him.

He is selfish and intrusive and he never gives himself completely. He goes head through the wall and rarely think about consequences of his actions, so he’s often surprised when all the troubles of the world go and beat him on the head.

However, he’s got thick horns (and thick skin) to protect him.


He is pretty pleased with himself and his life until others don't interfere. He is smug, quiet, boring, and he makes problems for himself to break the monotony. And when problems arise, he turns into a maniac, who insanely throws everything that comes to his hands and pours rage on everyone, without a difference, especially those who are least to blame. 

He would be perfectly happy if there weren’t other people that will annoy him.  He would sit at the top of his hill smelling flowers, performing his daily rituals ... until he dies of boredom.


The Gemini are considered cheaters and hypocritical people with double standards. They say that the Judas was a Gemini.

They are curious and intelligent, but also frivolous, irresponsible, lacking concentration and nervous. They often experience life as a game and remain immature until the old age. In addition, to that they often behave the way they think they should, not how they really are.

They often treat others superficially and run away from anything serious. They push problems away out of their sight, just to have them returned when they least expect them, like a boomerang. Once they feel on their skin the same justice they give the others, they curse all the forces of the universe and the dark for the fact that they were even born.



The Cancer are too sensitive and unrealistic. They often take on them the role of a victim without any obvious need, because they experienced pleasure and catharsis through the suffering.

Due to their lack of confidence and indecisiveness they often fail to achieve their dreams and goals, and that makes them even more sad. They are not willing to work too hard to achieve success, because they get bored with everything very quickly.

They expect out of the others to flatter them and to give them full attention. Anything less they consider someone else's neglect and insensitivity. Maybe this is a sign that most often wonders why he’s so unlucky. His suffering doesn’t have rational grounds. Cancer understands that only when real problems come along.


Leo has to dominate. He can’t stand objections and criticism because he thinks he's perfect, impeccable and deserves to be in the center of attention. 

Since they have grandiose plans and desires, in addition to their belief that they’re better than others, Leos often fail in most ordinary life situations. If they don’t achieve something really big, they will see their whole life as a failure, and themselves as jinx since they didn’t manage to use their potentials.

They will blame situation, politics, the state of science, parents, friends for their failures... everyone but themselves. And they will be very rude.

HOROSCOPE REVEALS: Why are stars so cruel to your destiny


Virgos are skilled in solving other people's problems and advising, but they don’t know how to help themselves.

When they are nervous, they wash, scrub, clean, polish, so their living space is so sterile that guests feel a little awkward, tense and uncomfortable. They tend to pack everything in life neatly in drawers, label, sort, and when something won’t fit they panic.

Their life constantly makes uncomfortable surprises. Just when they think they’ve taken care of everything, a glass of wine gets spilled on the carpet. They just embedded you into their emotional compass, you do something unexpected, and now they have to question everything again, appoint ... Their whole life is about correcting some flaws, so they often wonder what on Earth have they done so wrong to deserve such fate.


What hurts Libra the most is an injustice. They see it everywhere around them, and they often felt it on their skin and there is always something that disturbs their peace and happiness.

They belong to those people who first speak, and then think for days how could they have said it and what would happen if... Beautiful people and luxurious things make them feel good. Appearance is very important to them so that they will never accept the signs of aging. For them it’s one of the greatest injustices of the world.

They extremely like to play detectives, discover frauds, unmask liars and cheaters, the only problem is that they take it all personally. For them, the very fact that there are bad people is a personal insult. When they solve other people's problems, they consider them as their own. They consider themselves empaths, but the big question is how much are they really able to come out of their world and see things differently.


Vengeful and grumpy Scorpio first attacks, and only then she may hear you out.

She solves her problems alone, without anybody’s help. She is not interested in other people’s opinions, let alone criticism. Passionate, possessive, dedicated, intelligent and persistent, Scorpio will go to the end of the world if she thinks it's necessary to achieve a goal.

She has no mercy for the weak. She lives her whole life is if she is in some kind of war. Everything is a constant struggle, trouble can always be expected and when she can’t handle it, she doesn’t deserve to live.

The only problem is that sometimes she can be the victim of her own poison.



He let's life lead him. He doesn't like planning, but somehow a solution to the problem comes spontaneously.

Since he is prone to blindly trust people, he often gets used and cheated. For him life is simply so much bigger than dealing with petty souls and wondering who thinks what of him, so he represents an easy target for cheaters. However, once he sees through you, Sagittarius terminates every contact and kicks you out of his life. 

Even though he doesn’t make plans,  the mind of Sagittarius is always focused towards the future. As fun as he is, independent and bohemian, he almost never enjoys peace of the present moment but worries what will happen tomorrow. If he is happy now, he worries whether he’ll be happy tomorrow too. This is the worm that never lets him be completely happy. 


Stubborn, persistent Capricorns don't like talking about their problems. They are terrified of having to ask for help sometimes.

They generally get to high positions in society and business using their own strength, but to people they seem cold and indifferent because they don’t like to show their feelings. 

They enjoy outwitting and they get complex when they see that someone else has something that they long to have and they don’t. Then they try with everything they’ve got to be better, but, in fact, turn out to be incredibly unlucky. 

Their self-confidence and negligence in contact with people can cost them dearly.


Aquarius are humane, loyal and unselfish. These are all good qualities, but in their case, they often seem to backfire.

They can’t stand hypocrisy and firmly stick to principles, sometimes even against themselves. They are most strict to themselves.

They will be happy to lend you money, even if it comes from their savings for rainy days because money doesn’t have big value for them. And when they go without it, they complain about their bad fate and pray for a little more luck.


Pisces are their own curse. They have poor contact with reality, so they keep getting into awkward situations. They react violently and insanely to negative life circumstances.

In their head they know exactly how their life should look like and how the perfect world should function. Since reality keeps spoiling that, they will try to beat that reality when drunk!

When they encounter a problem that can’t be solved easily, they will always try to beat it using force and get the problem on their territory, to their world in which different laws of physics, mathematics, spirituality rule ... This is especially true when they are under the influence of alcohol or when they are emotional.


HOROSCOPE REVEALS: Why are stars so cruel to your destiny