Each horoscope sign has mysterious marks on its body - The center of the forehead is the position typical for Cancer and Leo

According to numerous historical documents that speak about astrology and people who were studying it, it is evident that many scientists believed, and devoted themselves to classification according to which the human face has at least 12 zones in which moles, if there are any, tell a lot about the character of a person.

So, for example, if the mole is high on the forehead, it responds to the signs of Aries and Taurus, while the mole typical for the sign of Gemini is placed further towards the outer part of the forehead. The center of the forehead is the position typical for Cancer and Leo, and Virgo's mole is a little above the eyebrows ...


You like independence at any cost, and basically you are an optimist who can take advantage of any opportunity that appears. You tend to make commands and you can organize everything around you. You are often in a good mood and you are not afraid to openly express your opinion. You love traveling, new places and people.


Your character is steady and determined. You are full of patience and you're methodical. You can wait calmly and patiently for your moment when it's important to react and seize whatever happiness is offering you. Your stubbornness shouldn't be taken as a flaw or disadvantage, but as a precious quality that will help you achieve the set goals. You love freedom, and tend to pursue some of your favorite activities that are mainly artistic, that is, creative. 


Basically, you are very extrovert and happy person. You love company and conversation, and you are very handy and agile when it comes to cultural interests. You love sports and have good predispositions for it. You are intelligent, handsome, and so seductive that for you there is probably not anyone whom you'd fail to seduce. You are not tolerant to the authorities and to all forms of government - you want to live in freedom.



Your character is not exactly the most decisive. You love to let others make important decisions so that you can hide behind your alibi then.  You're full of ambition, but you lack aggressiveness. Being too emotional can lead you to trouble, especially when it comes to love. You need a very calm and attentive partner.


You like to impose your ideas and lifestyle. You are persistent, you have a great will to live, you are powerful and impulsive, which always puts you in a position to be dominant. Your sense of privacy is weak, and yet, you inspire confidence in others, so you are well received in every society. You have a desire for success in your heart, and ambition in general. 

Each horoscope sign has mysterious marks on its body  - The center of the forehead is the position typical for Cancer and Leo


Your character is very specific, sometimes suspicious, so you don't like losing balance over ideas that are not yours. You have a strong sense for economy and peace that often resembles stolid, but it's basically the just ability to analyze things thoroughly. Your emotional side is very restrained and you express it only before the one you want to show it to.


You are very extroverted and like to be constantly in touch with others. Loneliness scares you and suppresses your feelings, so that even at work you prefer to be in the company of a large number of people. What attracts you the most in love relationships is stability, which is why you need to check the love and affection of your partner constantly.


You are sensual, in favor of eroticism and sentimental relationships in which each partner gives himself completely. However, you try to impose your personality everywhere. You expect much more from others than what you give. Help from other's, whether emotional, practical or financial, represents great safety for you. 


You are very passionate, and in a relationship with friends you demand complete availability and loyalty. You want the others around you to be on your level in any situation, but you make it worth it. You need to have a person you love by your side constantly, which doesn't mean that you are an egoist.



With you there is a certain tendency to withdraw into itself, but you get on perfectly with those who can understand you and accept your character. You are hard-working and strict in fulfilling business commitments; you like to get engaged and successfully finish everything you start. You always expect the best from life and from other people. To some, you seem like a pessimist, but it's just the opposite, you have a strong sense of reality and are aware of your options.


You are very indulgent to yourself, meaning that you approve yourself personal freedom with a lot of passion, and enjoy all the pleasures of life. With others you provoke great sympathy and trust, which helps you very much in conducting everyday obligations. It is hard for you to open to others, you prefer to stay in your shell, wrapped in a touch of mystery.


Your extroversion is sometimes so intrusive that it can bother others, but you are usually well accepted by people. You like to communicate and be with people, do dynamic work that brings you contact with a lot of people. Intuition and the ability to choose are ingenious with you: it always helps you in difficult situations.


Each horoscope sign has mysterious marks on its body - The center of the forehead is the position typical for Cancer and Leo