Safe recipe for fighting: Leo will be upset if you ignore them completely, It's hard to start a fight with Gemini

Below, see how to make every zodiac sign lose their temper...

It's not nice to make people angry intentionally, but sometimes it's just what we need. Or what they need. These are the exact instructions how to upset each of the horoscope signs.


Zodiac sign Aries


They really don’t need much. If you want to upset Aries, just tell him that he can’t get something he wants, or even worse, that he is not capable of doing something. The fight is guaranteed.


Zodiac sign Taurus


The Taurus is very proud of the things they own, and if you intend to rise their pressure, just openly criticize something they love.



Zodiac sign Gemini


It's hard to start a fight with them, because they are inclined to agree with the interlocutor, even about things they disagree with. If you want to upset Gemini, openly mention their lack of character.


Zodiac sign Cancer


Passive aggression is Cancer's strong suit, but also the biggest weakness. If you play that card with them, they will go wild.


Zodiac sign Leo


Leos love attention, so they will be most upset if you ignore them completely. When Leo tells you something, interrupt and change the subject. They will explode quickly.


Zodiac sign Virgo


Make chaos on their table. Move books on the shelf. Make a mess in their perfectly planned order. Virgo will react violently.

SAFE RECIPE FOR FIGHTING: Here’s what irritates HIS zodiac sign the most!

Zodiac sign Libra


Libras don’t like quarrels, so they always try to find a quick and effective solution for any disagreement. If you want to upset Libra, don’t let the quarrel end. Find a new problem for each solution. It will make them lose their temper.


Zodiac sign Scorpio


They hold anger for a long time, so it is difficult to know if Scorpio is angry or not. One way to easily upset them is to simply share one of their secrets with the rest of the world.


Zodiac sign Sagittarius


If you want to upset Sagittarius, it's enough to lie to him and show that he was wrong to trust you. Trust is a very important thing for Sagittarius.


Zodiac sign Capricorn


Rational and ambitious Capricorns will go crazy if someone explains that their ideas are completely stupid, and plans hardly achievable.


Zodiac sign Aquarius


The Aquarius find it very unpleasant to talk about feelings, and if you want to upset them, go after them and do exactly that.


Zodiac sign Pisces


Pisces are prone to exaggeration, and one of the worst things you can do is tell them that they are exaggerating.

SAFE RECIPE FOR FIGHTING: Here’s what irritates HIS zodiac sign the most!