Fate in day of birth: Day on which you were born determines if you are brave, sensitive, cold...

Beside position of stars that astrology explains, and influences us at the moment of our birth, our date of birth speaks equally as much about us and our actions.

Whether you are determined, brave, devoted, sensitive, cold... 

1. You are a leader by nature and you are very brave. You are able to organize the greatest ventures and events perfectly. You don't like to be in a subordinate position so it's best when you start your own business and work for yourself. You have a lot of confidence and readily face life's challenges.

2. You are an ideal cooperator who helps others to realize their ideas. You are very gentle and you aways show feelings. You have endless understanding for people. You pay attention to every word you say and successfully choose the right path.

3. You are very popular and you keep in touch with a lot of people. Wit and charm help you in making friends. At social events, you're always in the spotlight. You are creative and you have many talents that you spontaneously express.

4. People perceive you as a serious and reliable person. In a crisis, you are the one who keeps his cool and helps others. You lead a very active life and you are constantly preoccupied with some work. You are very practical and rational in your thinking.

5. By nature you are a very restless spirit, you love change and variety. Everything you do is characterized by speed, efficiency and clarity.You have expressed creativity and ability of artistic creation. You are interested in everything unusual and eccentric.


6. You gradually progress through life and never repeat the same mistakes. You are deeply loyal to family and friends, and one of the greatest pleasures for you is to bring joy to your loved ones. You are very responsible and never ignore your obligations.

7. You are quiet and unintrusive person. You are interested in deeper contents of life that others usually do not notice. In contacts with other people you leave the impression of serious and studious person. Very few people really know you because you don't show your feelings. You are spiritual and not obsessed with the material.

8. You are a person who successfully achieves all plans. You have the ability to organize social events and take advantage of other people's potentials. You have understanding for the problems of your close people and you always help them.

Fate in day of birth: Day on which you were born determines if you are brave, sensitive, cold...

9. You are sensitive and generous, warm and tolerant. You have a rich life experience and broad horizons. You are inclined to mysticism and all that a spiritual sign carries. You travel a lot and stay in distant countries, and that fulfills you.

10. You are a person who is coping extremely well with the life changes. Few people are capable to transform all the negativity and turn it into good like you. Other people admire you, and even envy you on your strength. You are able to lead others in the right direction.

11. You have unreal magnetic attraction. You are characterized by a strong intuition and your tendency to higher ideals.You rise above life's problems with an ease and find solutions by looking at the bigger picture. You may have a problem finding suitable partners.

12. You are very attractive both physically and spiritually. You are righteous and moderate in your behavior and your actions are motivated by the highest moral principles. For you, social life is very important. Sometimes you may become a victim of other people's intrigue.

13. You possess the unlimited working capacity, although probably in childhood, you sometimes seemed uninterested in any major work. With perseverance and hard work you can become a leader, a kind of role model for others. This is why it's important to carefully choose profession.

14. You appreciate the truth and despise any kind of manipulation and lie. You need to express your opinion to the world and introduce your attitudes to the others. You have developed sense of aesthetics and everything you do, you do it with distinctive style. Tendency to travel and changes can direct your life in the wrong way.

15. You might be constrained by the influence of family and friends. You have developed ability to communicate, which helps you in contact with other people. Your sense of responsibility is very strong, so sometimes for the sake of others you forget about yourself.

16. You are funny, skillful and above all intellectual. You possess enormous strength with the help of which you are able to do miracles. Also, at moments when you lose control, you can be quite destructive. This is why you need to regularly practice some relaxation techniques.

17. You are ambitious, brave and vital. When you are completely committed, you can successfully bring to an end even the biggest projects. Because of your need for isolation, you may seem a bit strange to others.You don't like to depend on others and you finish your work yourself.

18. You are very honest and modest person. You don't like to stand out in group of people, you are quiet and lonely. You love being alone in nature and you use every opportunity to get away from the city. You love normal life and enjoy the simplicity of just being. Sometimes you may suffer due to lack of understanding from people who surround you.


19. You are patient and persistent. Before you make any decision you consider everything long and carefully. But when you accept to do something, then you work non-stop until the end. You are very tolerant and you get the best from others.

20. You are a person who is well accepted in the community where you live. You are cheerful and witty and you always radiate indescribable warmth and love. You rejoice life and try to enjoy it as much as possible. You may be weak when it comes to life's temptations and lose sight of your goal.

21. You are very interested in everything unknown to others. You like discovering other people's secrets and finding out forbidden stuff. Throughout life, you will be constantly learning and be in search of the ultimate truth. It is important to start building confidence at some point and start expressing yourself creatively.

22. You are extremely indecisive and you are afraid of sudden changes. You are too focused on the material world, which is blocking you in intellectual achievements. If you manage to solve these problems, you will be able to realize the largest projects that involve the whole community.

23. You are predestined for great things by your birth. In order for these things to happen, you have to really try and work on yourself in the first part of your life.

By solving financial problems you grow spiritually and eventually become a role model for others. You have the potential for great fame.

24. You have potential for success in activities related to entertainment. You like easy and comfortable life, but financial circumstances generally don't allow you to indulge in hedonism. You have to learn to cope with suppressed anger. Focus your attention on everyday life and the little things.

25. Your life could be described as a constant search for truth. You are very sensitive and prone to spirituality. Within yourself you build a world that is completely different from the one outside. Your imagination is best expressed by art.

26. You are energetic and vital person. You like to cooperate on joint projects and while doing that, it becomes clear that you are a great organizer. You dedicate great attention to family that represents strong support for you. You find great pleasure in helping others.

27. You like having fun in company of friends and everyone likes you. You have a powerful imagination and the power of visualization, so you are recommended to pick an artistic profession. You are very sensitive and prone to stormy emotions. For you it wouldn't be good to isolate from others.

28. You are energetic, and you tend to make decisions about your life yourself. You are trying to connect the spiritual and the material, which is best achieved by organizing humanitarian activities. Creativity is best expressed in association with others.

29. Your strong inner energy simply attracts all those who meet you. They spontaneously assign you leading role in the family and society, which you use to achieve personal power. You like to cooperate, but the impulse for this comes mainly from the head rather than from the heart.

30. You are gentle by nature and loving towards those who are close to you. You are very attractive and always surrounded by a bunch of friends.

You like to move, but you always need a safe place to which you will return. Don't mind other people's criticism, because they are mostly inaccurate.

31. You have good ideas, but you can't realize them on your own, for this you need friends, associates, advice ... You can assess the importance of information very well and use only those that have a practical value. Think about yourself more and don't neglect your interests.


Fate in day of birth: Day on which you were born determines if you are brave, sensitive, cold...