The goals of each sign of the Zodiac, and which principles they stick to

All of us have certain goals, principles and opinions. However, no matter how different we are, we are connected by horoscope.

 Check out the goals of each sign of the Zodiac, and which principles they stick to.


1. There is o use arguing with me.
2. It is better to do something than be sorry later because you didn't.
3. A person stays young if his/her spirit is young.
4. Stubbornness in not a flaw.
5. I do not attack; I defend myself.


1. I don't want anything that belongs to others, I want others to stay away from what is mine 
2. He who doesn't like food, doesn't like people as well. 
3. You are never too rich to buy cheap things.
4. There is no use to argue with a fool. 
5. It is hard to gain trust, but it is easy to lose it.


1. Who knows what tomorrow brings.
2. Tho heads are always smarter than one.
3. People are mistaken when they think that quality is more important than quantity.
4. Love comes and goes; friends stay forever.
5. An idle mind is the devil's playground.



1. Home sweet home.
2. It pays to wait. 
3. It is easier to find a fault than to correct it.
4. Great minds always have violent opposition.
5. Those who never change their mind, love themselves more than the truth.


1. It is better to leave at the pinnacle of glory, than to fall into disgrace.
2. Good behaviour is one-half of success.
3. When you do something, do it right.
4. Love that you do not show is not love at all.
5. Lies have short legs.

Check out the goals of each sign of the Zodiac, and which principles they stick to


1. Patience and persistence are the keys of success.
2. A lie is not bad if it does well to others.
3. You can recognise a person in three cases- when eating, when drinking and in richness.
4. Spending time over a thing that does not pay off is an utter nonsense.
5. You should always trust your mind, not your heart.


1. Fortune is bigger if you share it.
2. Diplomacy is a way to win.
3. Sticking to principles is often stupid.
4. Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer.
5. Love should be proved.


1. If you are not led by passion, you're doing something wrong.
2. Wolf changes it's fur, but not its nature.
3. Everything of value should be deserved.
4. You don't know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes.

5. What doesn't kill you, make syou stronger.



1. It is better to heed a wise man's rebuke than to listen to the song of fools.
2. A man's value is measured by the number of friends s/he have.
3. Learn from your own mistakes.
4. Words are worthless without deeds.
5. Nothing is hard if you're in love.


1. He who doesn't believe is weak.
2. Time is money.
3. After a battle everyone is a general.
4. Rules are there for a reason.
5. A man who doesn't keeps his word is worth nothing.


1. If I don't ask for it, that it is not advice, but a critic.
2. It is best to live your life the way yo like.
3. Everyone was born alone.
4. Love is great but is also is the greatest weakness of people.
5. If you want an enemy, lend some money to a friend.


1. Why doing something today, when you can wait for tomorrow.
2. Promises are just empty words.
3. Three most important things in life are music, laughter and tears.
4. The true love is for other peoples faults, not their virtues.
5. It is hard to understand others if you do not understand yourself.

Check out the goals of each sign of the Zodiac, and which principles they stick to