It's written in the stars: Which one of your (girl) friends is destined to find Mr. Right?

Men, as well as women, think a lot about marriage. Although they will never admit it, they tend to observe you before they propose.


A woman born in the sign of Aries is very capable. She is hard-working, creative and inventive; also communicative and honest. She takes care of her man and encourages him. Having her by his side, he doesn't have to worry about his enemies; they run away seeing how strong she is. Her man is her treasure. Her children will never be spoiled; she will teach them how to fight for themselves and their causes. All she asks of her man is to believe in himself.



Everything she does, she does very thoroughly. There is no place for failure or disappointment in her world. She is very practical, so her partner lets her handle his money. He doesn't need to question her loyalty; she is ready to make sacrifices for his sake. Gifts are what she expects in return. Her kids are cheerful and bright.


Her man can trust her completely. Every new day with her is like a new beginning. Her presence is like an elixir of youth; she is full of surprises. If her man is in a bad mood, she will cheer him up with his favorite team's game tickets. All she asks of him is a surprise. Her children are multi-talented from their early age.



She is of very deep feelings. Her partner knows what it means to have a real woman by his side.  She turns him on; he needs no xxx videos. He experiences everything with her; from comedy to drama. She puts her kids before everything else; she is very protective. Her man is expected to be gentle and considerate.


Leo woman means the world to her partner. She is his life and inspiration. Having her by his side, he feels like a Superman. She is very charismatic, and it doesn't take much to make him happy. Everything she does for him, she does with all her being. He loves her with all his heart, her wish is his command. Together they realize what unconditional love is. She wants to be adored. Her children are at the top in everything they do. 

It's written in the stars: Which one of your (girl) friends is destined to find Mr. Right?


Everything she knows, she knows better than her partner. His life will be free of illusions and obstacles that prevent him in achieving his goals. Virgo woman encourages his creativity without pressure or insistence. For her, actions speak louder than words. She is there for him in sickness and health. She asks him to be modest and hard-working. Her children are intelligent and well-organized.


Libra knows what harmony is. She is strong as steel in the time of misfortune, gentle and loving in the time of happiness. She leads her man through life, and she does it decisively and with grace. All she needs is that he became a part of her. She is beautiful and feminine. Her kids are very popular.


Scorpio woman is as an enchantress; she seduced her partner at the first glance. She reads him like a book and is always one step ahead of him. She raises him to the highest peak of delight and throws him into the deepest abyss of temptation. She makes him a great man; he is ready to do anything for her smile. She won't tolerate betrayal. She asks him to prove his loyalty. Her kids are destined for great deeds.



The Sagittarian woman is wise, noble and courageous. She lavishes attention on her man. All other women will seem pale compared to her. He considers her both his partner and best friend. She amazes him with her sincerity and wit. Life with her is a real adventure. In her soul, she is a traveler, an explorer or far-away worlds.  Her nature is a passionate one. All she asks him for is his understanding. Her children are optimistic and enthusiastic.


She is strong but in a dignified and unobtrusive way.  She doesn't fall for unreal fantasies because she's aware what an outcome will be. She wants him to be persistent and have a strong character. As a mother, she is rigorous and fair. Her kids are clever and able to handle any situation.


In her company, you will feel like a prisoner who experienced a moment of freedom. She is capable of breaking all the shackles; she belongs to everyone, yet doesn't belong to no one. With her by his side, her partner learns how to be warm and friendly. She is determinant and irreplaceable. Children adore her because she can see the world through their eyes. Her kids are ingenious.


She is a mermaid who drags him to the bottom of the ocean, instead of letting him sail the seas. Only the most courageous are ready to dive to those depths. If you are ready for that, she won't try to change you. She is skillful and gifted. Her imagination is pretty vivid; she will make a new man of him. All she asks of him is to take care of her. In return, he gets the most feminine woman in the world. Her kids are polite and disciplined.