Horoscope signs in a fight: Taurus is stubborn and unyielding, Pisces avoid conflicts

Virgo knows very well where you were wrong and won’t fight unless it’s necessary, and if you can explain why your attitude is better, Virgo will stop arguing.

EACH horoscope sign fights in their own way, and with these couple of tricks, you will be a winner in every quarrel.


Average Aries can win a fight with anyone who tries to confront them, and the logic simply doesn’t work with this sign. If you manage to convince Aries that they concluded that they are wrong on their own, you have the chance to win a quarrel. Just don’t expect Aries to admit that you were right.


The Taurus is stubborn and unyielding, and they are not prone to changing their mind when they decide something. In a fight with a Taurus, you can win if you play the card of common sense, especially if you show that your argument is financially better than theirs. There are also compliments about beauty – Taurus have a weak spot for it.


Gemini will easily agree with what you are saying, but that does not mean that you have won the fight because in 5 minutes they may change their mind and agree with someone else’s opinion. The trick is to deceive Gemini and convince them that your opinion is the most popular and most acceptable in society - the Gemini are greatly concerned about popularity.


They are difficult to deal with because they tend to avoid conflicts and very easily withdraw. The best thing you can do is to give them time to calm down and then state your arguments.


Flattery is the simplest way to win the Leo. Average Leo thinks he's incredibly intelligent, so the arguments that show that your attitude is simply a matter of intelligence will make Leo side with you. Be prepared for Leo to have much better ideas than yours, and with them, they will try to complement what they have opposed so far.


They are the easiest to win in a quarrel - you just have to prove that you are right. Virgo knows very well where you were wrong and won’t fight unless it’s necessary, and if you can explain why your attitude is better, Virgo will stop arguing.

Horoscope signs in a fight


Libras don’t fight - Libras negotiate. In quarrels with them, you won’t win, but you will neither lose because Libras always looks for a fair solution for everyone. They tend to give in if you show them that your arguments are good too, but never quite to the end.


Scorpios can’t stand games, half-truths, and illogical arguments, and if you start fighting with them that way, you immediately lost the fight. With them, it's best, to tell the truth, and if they see that you fight decently, they may give in, at least a bit.


Every quarrel is a new opportunity for Sagittarius to learn something, and if you have good arguments, they will be happy to listen to you. But, if the fight is just about a different perception of things, you will not come out of it as a winner because Sagittarius appreciates his own opinion very much.


Capricorn rarely fights about things that are irrelevant, and if something is important, it's better to have good arguments, because if you don’t, they will quickly stop taking you seriously and go back to things that matter to them.



Before you go into a quarrel with Aquarius, be sure to understand his side of the story. In any case, playing the card of Aquarius’ emotions won’t work, because they have that part under control. Aquarius love things that will be beneficial to most people, so if you want to win a quarrel with them, be careful that your arguments point precisely to that.


Pisces avoid conflict whenever they can, so it's easy to beat them in quarrels. As soon as they feel something that will upset them, they retreat and run away, which is why they won’t fight too much for themselves. Although it's easy to win because of that, think about how fair it is to them.