HOROSCOPE AND LOVE KARMA: Saturn and Pluto on one and Venus and Moon on the other side, are the main 'culprits' when someone enters our life

Do you ever wonder why some people meet?

Yes. Every morning while I dreamily look into the mirror. While I take first sips of coffee with empty hands. Smiling sourly. As the shadow of his shadow gets slowly into pores and inhibits shadows of existence. While accidentally running through me like the last cry of silence. And it makes me wonder what is the significance of a stranger whom I actually know so well. His inside is part of me. I think he sporadically entangled his fingers in my eyebrows. And now he’s pushing them. Sleeplessly. He rubbed his last macadam into the oasis of madness. And now he lives inside me, more than I do.

 At the mere mention of karma and karmic relationships thousands of questions that people seek answers always to arise. Although most of our earthly relationships are marked by karma, this time we will deal exclusively with emotional relationships. Those who were achieved, but also with those that weren’t.

And that moment when you see someone's eyes or when you feel a strong attraction, when someone, without any real reason touches you, when you feel involvement in your existence, that is the moment when you recognize your karma. You meet your lessons. You enter a cycle.  Then you give all you can give, and not everything you think you need. Because reason isn't important here. Here you don't set what you want and what you give. Here you don't share they way you usually do with your life partners. Your companions. Rationally, logically and emotionally. Because here your soul remembers all reincarnations. On a subconscious level there is recognition. And it always happens for a reason.


In astrology, there is always exactly designated time in which a person activates and enters your life. The setting in your natal chart makes it possible to determine what type of person and relationship, and the karmic lesson is coming into your life. It is possible to determine the purpose of a relationship, its capacity, the reasons for the encounter, possibility of relationship growth and the period of activation, that is, of the happening.

HOROSCOPE AND LOVE KARMA: Saturn and Pluto on one and Venus and Moon on the other side, are the main 'culprits' when someone enters our life

People who have contacts of Venus and Moon with Saturn and Pluto in their natal chart will more often be protagonists of karmic lessons on an emotional level. The others will have their lessons in other areas of life. And when a person appears with whom you apparently have nothing in common, and actually you have had everything for so long, it is possible to determine the nature of the relationship and what it strives for according to supporting planetary combinations.

Some people come and go. Some come and stay. Some pass us by. On the stairway. In circumstances of different lives. Years distance us from some people, with some the time. With some we often have the feeling that we met at the wrong time. Such cases almost always have a tendency to meet again. In a day, a month, year or decade. They pass us by because it is simply not the time for those lessons in life. We are not mature enough. We are not strong enough.


We are not recognized enough.

Whether milliseconds are in question or hours, moments, months, or even years, always know that these are thousands of years old stories. You can feel a person because you used to be close. You know their habits because you once knew them. You feel them, without any logical reason, so deep inside that it causes restlessness. This is because people are running towards each other, smashing against each other and thousands of your remains breathe in other people. When you recognize the piece of yourself,  you recognize part of karmic lessons.

Some people meet in the young days, and then life makes them drift apart for a certain number of years and then reconnects them. Sometimes they meet and from the start they know that there is something more. More significant. Stronger. They can sense events that follow. Reactions of other people. They can predict their behavior and decisions. There are also those who have never met. The have never seen each other and yet, there's no one louder than them in that delirium. And then, there, thousands of miles away, you are awakened by voice, someone's words, someone's existence. And you inexplicably long to deepen something that has for long been more profound even than you. Sometimes people drown here. Disappear. All contacts burst suddenly. They escape. Because escape in karmic relationships is often the strongest indication that it is. Fear of confrontation, subconsciously, forcing you to turn around. It's either you or them. You should know then that these are escapes from themselves. And they never have anything to do with you. He who is not ready leaves. But after a while he returns.

We often spend sleepless nights in our thoughts and we wonder why? How is it possible that we are affected by someone who has never touched us. Or what are the reasons for residing in one's mind? Or how is it possible that we know everything when we know nothing. That we are sure that, when there isn't the least certainty. We feel both the spasm and freedom. Weight on our chest. Twitch in the body that is saying there is a part of us out there. The part around them. The part to which we belong. Even if we only share silence with it.

And that's when the pain comes. We become aware of the facts that bring obstacles. We become unhappy because we are not able to achieve intimacy. When we achieve intimacy we become unhappy because after a while we are abandoned or we leave. We become deeply unhappy in the desire to own and control every moment. We want to make ours something that has belonged to us for so long. But we are not aware of it. Instead of that, we give freedom to emotion. To be grateful for other people's existence. We want them. We are obsessed with them. We haunt. We allow madness to take us over. Because we think that this is how it should be. And then we suffer. When everything is finished, we wonder why it started. Instead of being happy that it existed. If we see a person that belongs to someone else, we feel abandoned. Willingness. Betrayed.  And we shouldn't. All we ever needed to do was to love.


We always knew how it all began. And we'll always know how such stories will end. We used to live part of that reality. And now we're getting new chances. Again. And again. And again. The only question is can we?

I often met people who knew very well who they are within their reality, except who they are with when they are alone. I believe there is nothing worse than this division of human recoil in millions of different rippings that echo beneath the perfect makeup, perfect lives. They didn't have the courage to leave someone who is not part of them, but they had the courage to break a piece of themselves in somebody else. To leave themselves. And to accept that part that does not belong to them. Torturing themselves obviously, having three people for witnesses.The one who they are with, but they are not. The one with whom they are not, but they are. And the one with whom when they meet, they always run away from - themselves. I think it was the true agony of life: whole life to linger in someone else's body and never be sufficiently stretched in order to be connected.

These are our decisions. And they hurt us. All the things that we were not ready for, but we could hurt us. Our expectations hurt us. Dreaming. Our trips to some other worlds. Our own agonies of not belonging to ourselves hurt. Our alienation from this skin and body. Our shivers that we did not dare to let go when we should hurt. Our courage we never had hurt. Our existence that we created ourselves hurts. Karma doesn't hurt (* it is just, it teaches us). It cannot hurt. Goals we set ourselves hurt. Our intentions hurt. The fact that we think it doesn't have the right to hurt us hurts. And it does. Our wrong perception of love hurts. Ties we have forced upon hurt. Decisions that we have never had the courage to make hurt.

Because for us, love is always the goal. Even though love has no goal. It happens without a reason, explanation, without logic, without thinking. Entering relationships with people just because these relationships can lead to a goal, is not love.

It is a calculation. Lower sphere of rubbing the feelings against the sidewalk. A barricade of the soul. Knockout of the heart. This is a man.

But it's not love. Love has no goal. The man does. Marriage is not the goal of love; it is man's goal.The relationship is not the goal of love; it is man's goal.

And let's not get this wrong, there is nothing wrong with the man's goals. But these are not goals of love. Love has no goal.


HOROSCOPE AND LOVE KARMA: Saturn and Pluto on one and Venus and Moon on the other side, are the main 'culprits' when someone enters our life