HOROSCOPE: These three signs won’t be really lucky in love in April 2017

We have another difficult month ahead of us. Take a deep breath, because April 2017 is as hard as March, if not worse.

 Jupiter – Uranus – Pluto T – square is still active, especially in the first part of April, when it is influenced by the transit of Sun through Aries forming the following aspects:

- April 7: Sun - Jupiter opposition

- April 9: Sun - Pluto square

- 14 April: Sun - Uranus conjunct  

The danger we mentioned last month is still present - there is potential for conflicts, riots, violence, accidents, natural disasters, political and social- economic problems and so on.

Venus is retrograde until April 15, 2017 and it is in Pisces for most of the month (from April 3 to 28). It is a place of exaltation of Venus and that’s why this position should be good. After six weeks of the retrograde walk, Venus will start the direct walk and make all of us happy.

Through its movement Venus forms two aspects with Saturn (one on April 8, and the second on April 21) which are anything but cheerful. Actually, Venus and Saturn are in the solid square during April 2017, which means that all kinds of relationships will go through some sort of crisis moments, frustrations and blockade.

And this is not all! Mercury is retrograde between April 10 and May 3. Additionally, Mercury is in the same sign with Mars through the first two decades of April, and in the last decade, Mercury is in conjunct with Uranus. Mars and Uranus are the most turbulent planets of the solar system and can initiate the crisis.

Since we have a restless astrological formation, what can we rely on during April? On Mars - Pluto and Sun - Saturn trigon, or in other words: on determination and persistence. It's not exactly comforting, since both, Saturn and Pluto have a retrograde walk during April.



With retrograde Venus in the house of relationships of Virgo, first two weeks of April 2017 will be intense, but also complicated. Retrograde Venus can bring blockade, delay, some old problems may emerge to the surface, even old relationships, reconciliation, strengthening of feelings, or other major happenings in your love life. Venus will start the direct walk on April 15, 2017. The second decade of April may be confusing in some way and can bring unexpected situations. During the month, you will be put on a test, because of the square between Venus and Saturn, and these tests can take place at home, within the family or be associated with ownership. Money and work are also potential targets.

HOROSCOPE: These three signs won’t be really lucky in love in April 2017


April 2017 will not start the best way. You will be interested in your love life because Sun is in the house of pairs of Libra, but Mars, the ruler of that house is retrograde. This house is about commitments, work or illness. In your love life it may come to a crisis or your partner may go through a difficult period. This may also concern common obligations, care and finances. Things are turning for the better in the last decade of April 2017, when Mars, ruler of the house of pairs comes to a better position. The situation improves at the end of the month, when Venus enters the house of pairs and starts its direct walk.



April 2017 is not the most pleasant month. Sun is located in the house of love, and it promises passionate, sensual and adventurous month. At the same time Mercury, ruler of the house of pairs of Sagittarius, is retrograde and located in the house of obligations of Sagittarius and makes demands or prevents things going in the desired direction. Venus, the planet of love, moves in the field of home and family, and it is also retrograde in the first part of the month. Even if there is a potential for passionate love, something won’t go the way you’d like to, something will push you or hold you in one place and you won’t be able to have fun. But who knows, maybe it is time to take responsibility or to settle down somehow.


HOROSCOPE: These three signs won’t be really lucky in love in April 2017