Horoscope and charming: Leo is a theatrical romantic, Taurus the master of flirt

Discover what hidden skills does each member of Zodiac possess in love games.


Stars influence many aspects of our lives including love. Love horoscope is one of the most searched phrases on Google since a lot of people want to know everything about their partner. Trust us; horoscope doesn't make mistakes here. 

Of course, behavior during seduction and the love act is also influenced by ascendant and other aspects. If you've been wondering what horoscope sign suits you or how it would be to date a certain person, find out what's in your horoscope and what the stars have to say.


The planet that rules the Aries is Mars. In mythology, this planet was considered very powerful, and it gave great personal strength to people born in the sign of Aries. People born in the sign of Aries were also considered very passionate people who fall in love easily. The Aries don’t show their emotions easily, they are impatient and have difficulty lasting in two. They are full of energy and they fill their object of attention with optimism. At the beginning of a relationship they are full of enthusiasm,  and as time goes by this fades more and more. People born in the sign of Aries will charm you in the bedroom and they will try to control you that way. When it comes to making love they are very passionate and like to take risks. You may often find them in a passionate ecstasy in an elevator or at a party on the kitchen element.


People born in the sign of Taurus are one of the most sensual, but they also love pleasure in bed. It may seem that everything with them goes slowly, but they are true masters when it comes to the art of seduction. When you meet a person born in the sign of Taurus, you will have complete experience since they will apply all the techniques of seduction. They enjoy food and drink and you will be dining together under the stars, but only those the best. They also like to include food in the very act of love making, so don't be surprised if you find chocolates sprinkled on the bed or strawberries by your pillow. If you are a person who seeks stability and security in a partner, consider a person born in the sign of Taurus because they are very committed, and if you ask them to move mountains for you, they will do so. They enjoy the physical expression of emotions, such as holding hands.


The Gemini like to connect with someone on an intellectual level and are able to talk for hours to someone about everything. They care very much about their opinion and they don't like being rushed when it comes to relationships. You can win over a member of this sign if you are constantly up to date with current happenings and open to new ideas. When it comes to making love, they are very focused on sensual fantasies. They like to analyze love making, so they will easily find out you like. For them, diversity is the real spice and they like exploring in the bedroom.



With Cancer sense of touch is highly developed so they will certainly spoil you. When they make a decision, there is no force will make them change their mind, so if they choose you, they will follow you to the end of the world. Exploring the world with their partner is a real pleasure for them. Love act represents an emotional commitment to them, even before they come to it. They are able to develop an unbreakable bond with their partner and will do everything to please him. If you happen to 'cheat'" while you are in a relationship with a person in the sign of Cancer, don't expect them to forgive you. You broke their heart and broke the bond that used to tie you. 


Leo shines like the sun and illuminates his partner. You can be with your Leo at a crowded place but he will only look at you. They simply radiate love. They enjoy making love, and also love luxury, things such as extravagant hotels, expensive destinations ... With your Leo you'll often find yourself in a five-star hotel, lying on the most comfortable pillow you've ever seen, drinking the most expensive champagne. I can't imagine any zodiac sign being so theatrical when it comes to making love. Don't be surprised if he suggests making love in the bath; they absolutely love it.   

HOROSCOPE AND SEDUCTION: Leo is a theatrical romantic, Taurus the master of flirt and Pisces make sex an artistic performance


Even though they are cool and calm on the outside, they are in fact very passionate. Although it may seem to you that they are evaluating you, they are actually thinking about how to take care of you. Many of us like to be taken care of, but Virgos do it to extreme. People born in the sign of Virgo are perfectionists and expect and want the best out of everything, and the same goes for relationships. When it comes to making love, they do it automatically, so you will have to try to bring out the passion with a Virgo.


Libras like to flirt. They love pleasing people and making others feel desirable. They love making love, not having sex, with them it's all about making love. They are so romantic that you will think that it's too much and you'll never make it to the bedroom. You must emphasize that you are not only in love with them, but that you lust for them too. They love foreplay and nothing turns them on as attractive lingerie. They have pretty high standards when it comes to break-ups, so think carefully before entering a relationship with a person born in the sign of Libra. They enjoy flirting, don't mean anything bad, but for them it's just a game.


Making love is of great importance for the Scorpio. They are far above passion; these are eruptions, explosions of passion. They really have poison on their tail and the slightest thing can trigger it. Once they choose a partner, they are very loyal and are always on guard when it comes to their partner. They usually have very few friends when they are in a relationship. They have a powerful look, so don't  look them in the eye for, unless you are 100% sure that you want to be with them. They usually have some fetishes and love being engaged when it comes to exploring fantasies.



When you are with a person in the sign of Sagittarius, you play with fire, in the real sense of the word. They are passionate and you shouldn't be surprised if they aren't dedicated only to you. They are very fun and warm people. They don't like having their space threatened and so there can be some while before you see their home. One of their flaws is that they quickly get tired of everything, and their little black book is mostly filled with numbers of their exes.


Capricorn can really like you, but he won't show it until he notices the sparks in your eyes. They very seriously approach love making and there is no place for play and fun. If you want a serious relationship in the long run, Capricorns are the right choice for you. With both feet firmly on the ground, they will be there for you for good and for worse. Just don't expect romance from them.


When it comes to love, they are completely unpredictable. They don't just long for your body but your mind too, and they will let you know it. You will find them sometimes pensative, planning your relationship, years in advance. They have a vivid imagination and are very skilled when it comes to making love. Expect white cotton sheets covered with rose petals.


Pisces are the most sensual horoscope sign and for them making love is a real artistic act. As if they are able to read their partner's thoughts and create a spiritual connection with him. You can find yourself fulfilling your partner's fantasies and when you do realize that it's already late, you are already tied with pink satin handcuffs. You fell in love with the most sensual zodiac sign and your needs have now become theirs. They love taking care of others and if you settle down with a person in the sign of Pisces, you will have a perfect home where you will be happy to return after a hard day.


HOROSCOPE AND SEDUCTION: Leo is a theatrical romantic, Taurus the master of flirt and Pisces make sex an artistic performance