Zodiac sign as the cause of jealously

Gemini doesn't get jealous so often as other signs, Leos are possessive, Libras are not prone to jealousy,

Aquarius difficult handle situations in which they need to show weakness...




When the passions start boiling in you, your injured heart doesn’t choose the time, nor the way when and how to show the jealousy. And you don’t care about what people will think about you at that moment. You are suspicious, possessive and very jealous due to the influence of your rulers Mars and Pluto, symbols of strong and feverish emotions, which keeps your partner constantly under the magnifying glass.




Your possessive nature can’t stand any kind of partner’s betrayal, even if they only glanced at someone’s tanned legs or commented on the figure of another woman. Your trust is already shaken, and the suspicion aroused, and the jealousy is eating you out. Your astrological field of partner relationships is governed by powerful Pluto, so you love to have control over your partner.




You are ruled by the planet of logic, Mercury, which makes you less jealous than the other signs. However, although you are aware of your charm and impression that you leave on the opposite sex, it is clear to you that your partner may be in similar temptation. That’s when your ‘silent’ jealousy alarm goes off, and even if you are not making scenes and breaking everything around the house, you will use smart ‘traps’ to keep the partner in your yard.





Although you don’t seem like that, you are very possessive and suspicious. Your ruler, the Moon, symbol of intuition, strong emotions and the need for security, always warns you when something can jeopardize your relationship with your partner. And that's why you have an elaborate system of protection against this, for you devastating feeling. If you don’t have proof, you will be quiet for a while, and if you have one, it will be very difficult to handle.




Even though you like to have partners who can’t remain unnoticed, you can’t escape the traps of jealousy because of your possessive nature. Representatives of your dignified sign are ruled by the Sun, a symbol of pride, and your partner's betrayal hurts you, even if it's just a ‘harmless’ flirt. Although you are aware of your openness, warmth, generosity, jealousy warns you that your partner’s feelings cooled down slightly.

Zodiac sign as the cause of jealously



The cause of partner’s jealousy can be your relationships at work because you spend most of your time there. Under the influence of your ruler Mercury, a symbol of communication, you are sometimes not even aware of how much you usually enjoy harmless flirts with your colleagues. That's why you also doubt partner's fidelity because you logically conclude that he is not immune to such situations either.




Even though you don’t belong to signs that are excessively jealous, your partner won’t have it well if he thinks of fooling around, whether it’s just watching, texting or something else. Although you are quite rational, you are still ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and you can’t tolerate anyone jeopardizes your relationship with your partner. And if the situation gets out of your control, a desire for revenge arouses in you.




You are at the top of the list of signs that suffer from jealousy on a daily basis. Your passionate, but very vulnerable nature, under the influence of the planets of eroticism, sexuality and strong emotions, Mars and Pluto, your rulers, vigorously reacts to harmless things that others would not even notice. While you conceal jealousy with your innate self-control, your look speaks more than words.




The symbol of your sign, an archer that shoots the arrow directly into the target, in a way, symbolizes the way in which you solve problems in emotional relationships. You react immediately if your love partner makes you jealous and tell him that you have a problem with it. Because, if you just let it go, you know that another time you won’t be so tolerant.




Although you don’t look like that, you are very vulnerable, and you are hurt in situations where your partner (not)consciously makes you jealous. Of course, you don’t show that and suffer in yourself because your pride and dignity are hurt. If you succeed in surviving the tempests in your soul, you become more cautious. However, you won’t forgive cheating, so if you catch your partner doing it, that's the end.




It's hard for you to handle situations in which you need to show your weaknesses. Your sign is ruled by Uranus, the planet of flirt and adventure, so you choose partners who will be able to tolerate your whims. But if you have come to the situation to feel jealousy because of the person you love, you will try to hide it both by your behavior and the way you communicate with them.




Your hypersensitive sign is ruled by Neptune, a symbol of enthusiasm, love, and romance, so you completely surrender to the partner you love. However, that’s why it's easy to hurt yours. If you start feeling jealousy, you first begin to examine yourself and your actions. You might forgive the cheating, but the feeling that a similar situation can happen again won’t leave you.


Zodiac sign as the cause of jealously