On what days you should start a new business or living together: Cancers on Monday, Aries on Tuesday

Each day in a week has its own planet and a sign.

Find out on what day it is ideal to start a business, and when to engage in a new love adventure.


Monday – Monday is the day that is ruled by the Moon, which in part explains all those varied moods at the beginning of each week. Nevertheless, Monday is good for big ventures such as planning big business, decorating a home or buying or selling a real estate, perfect for everyone born in the sign of Cancer. Advice for the others, regardless of the horoscope sign, on Monday which is at the time of the new moon, and the first one we expect on May 18, start the work and questions that affect your entire family.



The day that is ruled by Mars, so we should be active, train, practice sports, make decisions if you are a manager, avoid quarrels and conflicts. This is a great day for the Aries, and in some cases Scorpios, but also for starting a trial, an investigation and finding true data and facts. Everybody, regardless of their sign, should use the energy they feel on Tuesdays, on positive things, and avoid destructiveness. If you use all the energy for something productive, you can expect success. It is not good to enter a marriage or a relationship on Tuesdays because of the possibility of frequent conflicts and problems.



Day of Mercury, the day of communication, learning, school, traveling but short relations. Send offers, requests, bids, CV for work, and similar documents on Wednesday. Contact all those who can give you advice, because you will be wisely advised on that day. Talk to children and young people, especially if you have problems with them because you can successful resolve things, improve communication and quality of conversation. Go to a counselor regarding any problem that you have, because Wednesday is a day for solving problems and dealing with important issues. Negotiate important meetings and trade, advertise your products.

On what days you should start a new business or living together: Cancers on Monday, Aries on Tuesday


This day is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion. If you plan to start a job in which you expect a good income, choose Tuesday for it, and if you are buying something big like a flat, a house or a car, start the search on Thursday. Thursday is also good for organizing charity parties, charity events, and similar. It is a good day for prayer, taking up a foreign language, or for decisions to travel abroad. On Thursdays, avoid giving in to hedonistic enjoyment, exaggerating in food, drink, and shopping, especially if you are a potential shopaholic.



Favorite to everyone, Friday is emotional day ruled by Venus, so it's great for falling in love, getting married, starting a life together, proposing or writing love letters. Artists and diplomats can expect increased productivity, and then they should be particularly active. Excellent day for gynecological examination, and solving any women's issues, including buying clothes, shoes, going to beautician and hairdresser’s. Also, Friday is ideal for placing new ideas and negotiating creative projects.



Think of your parents and visit them, because Saturday is ruled by Saturn, a planet that connects us with roots and origin. Give the elderly or the poor what you want. Go to the mountains. It is also ideal for visiting cemeteries, but also for relaxing with family albums and enjoying heritage. This is a great day for archaeologists, miners, geologists, and everything new and important that they do, should start on Saturday. It's not a good day to start building a house, but it's good to rebuild the old ones.



Just like Monday, Sunday too can be identified through English language. ‘Sunday’ is a day of sun, so it is clear that this day is ruled by the Sun. Arrangements with husband and father are most successful then. Beginning of business planning, creating campaigns, both marketing and political. Excellent day for introducing rules at work, in a company, but also in your home. If you want a promotion, arrange a lunch, an informal meeting with those who decide on Sunday because you will not regret it. A great day for all gatherings and events, for giving speeches and public appearances, so make sure you use this day if you want the attention and support of people around you.


On what days you should start a new business or living together: Cancers on Monday, Aries on Tuesday