HOROSCOPE: Sun and Moon eclipse in February 2017. will bring love problems for these three signs

February is one of (many) months of winter/spring 2017 that we can describe as unusually dynamic. We can even say that this is the climax. Venus, Mars and Uranus are in Aries, the sign that is dynamic. The duo, Venus and Mars, is intensely passionate, but it may be irrational and passionate to the limit, disrupt harmony, good understanding, cooperation and peace.​

Mars - Jupiter duo starts a huge release of energy. It brings courage, power, creativity and longing for the fulfillment of desires, and brings positive changes, progress and experiments. But if it goes out of control, it can bring serious accidents (car, plane, train and so on), accidents at work, errors with equipment and mechanics, problems with electricity, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, problems in politics, riots, violent conflicts and problems in commercial business. 


Generally Venus - Mars duo in Aries is extremely stimulating, but also explosive. If it is under the influence of positive aspects, it can bring a wave of enthusiasm, creativity and fulfillment of desires by taking the initiative. If it is under the influence of negative aspects, it can be manifested in a terrifying way. Now it is under the influence of negative aspects (strong influence of Jupiter and Pluto) and positive and harmonious (influence of Saturn, Sun and Mercury). This means that we can expect the best or the worst, simultaneously or one after another.

February 2017 is the month with great potential, which can take us from one extreme situation to another. Many of us will feel like on a carousel. All we can do is to breathe deeply and to hold tight. And if you have the courage, try your luck!

HOROSCOPE: Sun and Moon eclipse in February 2017. will bring love problems for these three signs


During February 2017, Moon, ruler of the house of pairs will ‘suffer’ through eclipse in the field of the horoscope that brings frustration and crisis situations in relationships. Venus, the planet of pairs joins with turbulent Mars and Uranus in the field of your home and property. It seems that you will go through problems related to home, family and love, that you will find difficult to express or you will discuss these issues only in privacy with your close ones. These problems may be related to finances or some financial matters, house or investing in common interests. The best possible scenario is just a race about moving or decorating a home or invasion of your privacy by one person from the family.



With the solar eclipse in the house of pairs of Virgo and ruler of the same house which will be bombed with disharmonious aspects, February will, in some way be turbulent for relationships. Events won’t necessarily be negative, but they will be distracting. These are events that break your routine, shake or change your surrounding. It is quite possible that the ‘storm’ in February is associated with money or mutual funds, or values in general: self-esteem, too little or too much respect for the partner, the criteria by which you choose. It is possible that you will together with your loved one engage in financial challenges. Secrets, mysteries, esoteric objectives or psychological analysis will have an influence on your love life.



During February 2017, you won’t be satisfied with your love life. Some may feel lonely; others can be lenient, indecisive or frivolous. Some Taurus may feel restricted or may become aware that they are dependent in an unpleasant way. Venus, the planet of love and Mars, ruler of the house of pairs are located in an area that is unfavorable for old relationships, work or social recognition. This set up of planets is favorable for secret and forbidden relationships. On the other hand, Mercury, ruler of the house of love of Taurus, is located well, which means that not everything is lost and that sometimes sex can solve the problems, at least temporarily.


HOROSCOPE: Sun and Moon eclipse in February 2017. will bring love problems for these three signs