Horoscope: What does Mars in the sign of Cancer bring us (until July 20, 2017)

In this period you will find yourself at love intersection, but only your heart can make the right decision.

Here's what kind of destiny shapes Mars in Cancer...

Mars, the planet of action, after two years, at the end of the week enters the fourth sign of the Zodiac in which its influence is weakened and in which it will be staying until the 20th of July. Due to a sextile with Uranus and Venus, on an emotional level there are possible sudden break-ups and renewals of relationships and unexpected financial ups and downs.

ARIES (03/21 - 04/20)

Aspects between your ruler Mars and Uranus and Venus in your sign, bring excitement to your love life. Opposition with your other ruler, Pluto in the retrograde walk, warns you to postpone the purchase or sale of residential and office space.

TAURUS (04/21 - 05/21)

The position of your ruler Venus and Mars, which manages the astrological field of love and work, announces unexpected encounter through work with a very interesting person. If you plan to launch a private business, wait for another month.

GEMINI (05/22 - 06/21)

A planet that rules your sign, Mercury, a symbol of business, in trine with Jupiter in Libra brings an increase of income, but square between Neptune and Sun in your sign warns you to avoid unnecessary expenses. Partner's behavior is suspicious.


CANCER (06/21 - 07/22)

Mars in your sign makes you sensitive on an emotional level, and trigon with Neptune, after June 15, brings the possibility of falling in love. Although your square with Jupiter brings money, at the same time it warns you to avoid unnecessary expenses.

LEO (07/23 - 08/23)

Mars in the astrological house of secrets brings the possibility of entering a parallel or secret relationship with someone who wears a uniform at work. If you are self-employed, don’t insist on concluding a contract on the sale or purchase of office space in this period.

Horoscope: What does Mars in the sign of Cancer bring us (until July 20, 2017)

VIRGO (08/23- 09/22)

Planet of action Mars, in a harmonious aspect with Neptune, a symbol of love enthusiasm, after June 15, brings an unexpected encounter with a person who won’t leave you indifferent. Money is coming, just be careful how you spend it!

LIBRA (09/23 - 10/22)

Mars, a symbol of action, under the influence of Neptune, the planet of imagination, brings you professional and financial satisfaction, especially if you do some creative job.

SCORPIO (10/23 - 11/22)

Your ruler, Mars, the planet of passion, in a harmonious aspect with Neptune, a symbol of inspiration in the field of creativity, suggests the possibility of going abroad for professional training if you are in sports, art or science.


SAGITTARIUS (11/23 - 12/21)

Planet of passion, Mars, in the astrological home of passion, warns you to try to be more careful if you have recently entered a relationship solely guided by instincts. At the end of the week, pay attention to how you handle money and avoid taking a loan from the bank.

CAPRICORN (12/22 - 01/20)

Symbol of sexuality in the astrological field of partnerships under the influence of Neptune, the planet of romance and falling in love, announces exciting period on an emotional level. Pay more attention to the competition, if your work makes you present in public.

AQUARIUS (01/20 - 02/19)

A harmonious aspect between Mars and your ruler Uranus who at the same time forms a conjunction with Venus, brings the possibility of unexpected separation from a partner or also an unexpected renewal of the relationship. If you are a driver, be more careful behind the wheel.

PISCES (02/20 - 03/20)

Planet of passion, Mars, in the fifth astrological field in harmonious aspects with the rulers of your sign, Neptune and Jupiter, planets of inspiration and prosperity, announces influx of money, if you are in a creative profession, science or sports.


Horoscope: What does Mars in the sign of Cancer bring us (until July 20, 2017)