MAGICAL WORDS for horoscope signs: Share a secret with Scorpio, Virgo is happy when you ask for a help

You can win each person with compliments, light flirting or flattering.

The main thing – you don’t have to look for something specific.

It is important to learn to find the right words to achieve understanding and to keep love.


‘Brilliant! I've never seen anyone do something like that!’ - Energetic and full of ideas, Aries is the leader of any team. He has to be the recognized pioneer. Just remind him that he's the only one.


‘How beautiful and sensual!’ - No one appreciates beauty more than Taurus. This can literally wake up a unique emotion. If he wanted to share with you his observations, don’t leave him without positive comment.


‘What are you going to try next time?’ – To Gemini, universal sources are movement and new ideas. Creativity is their fuel. So, wake up in him desire to create something unique.


‘You can stay at home today, and I'll make a tasty dinner.’ - Despite the fact that Cancer loves to cook, the way to their heart is through their stomach. The more you worry about them, the more attention they will give you.

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‘I can’t help but admire you!’ - Maybe nobody loves success and attention more than Leo. As long as these compliments are sincere, he will adore his only queen

MAGICAL WORDS for horoscope signs: Share a secret with Scorpio, Virgo is happy when you ask for help


‘I have no patience. Please help me understand!’ - Virgo is the epitome of calmness and likes to analyze every situation. There is no task that they can’t solve. Virgo is even happier when you need their help.


‘I want to know your opinion,’ - Champion of the partnership - Libra. Give him a chance to be part of an important case and you will see his eyes shine.


‘You're the only one I can talk about it ...’ - Scorpio appreciates ​​honesty and respect. When you share a secret with him, you immediately win his heart and he will believe you everything.


‘Why don’t we pack our bags and go somewhere?’ - Even if the trip were not exactly planned in the near future, the thought of it would warm the heart of Sagittarius. He loves adventure, so you will win him by your wish to go.

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‘No one can do more than you!’ - Capricorn has a rare combination of ambition, patience and responsibility. A little bit of flattering addressed to him won’t stop him from going on to work hard for the sake of his own fortune.


‘It could be better if we do things differently?’ - Free Aquarius is always in search for a reason to get out of the crowd. Support him in his endeavor that no one before him had ever done it, and he will be all yours.


‘With you I feel so much better!’ - Compassion and sympathy always go hand in hand with the sign of Pisces. Allow him to feel the emotional connection between you as much as possible, and he will always have the strength to make you happy.