Virgo couldn't live without safety, moderation and order, Scorpio without love,domination,game

Who needs security and who needs to travel?


INDEPENDENCE – You need freedom of action and that you don't need to explain yourself to anyone. You can't stand it when someone forces or controls you.

MOVING - You simply have to 'buzz' around, so for you the action is often more important than the result. Piling of obligations does not worry you too much, on the contrary, you often use holidays for work.

RULING - You can't be happy unless you command the others, and since you are always full of initiative, you are an ideal leader.


SLEEP - This is the basic need of each Taurus. You should always go to sleep at the same time and avoid sleepless nights.

FOOD - You are a great gourmand and usually love to cook. But love towards food can lead you to excess weight. When this happens, the strength of your will can play a significant role.

HEDONISM - You enjoy everything that is nice, but also has the need to share that feeling with those you love.


FREEDOM – You need freedom for your curious nature, and you do a great job in unexpected situations.

INTELLIGENCE -Your focused intelligence, flexibility and quick reflexes make you capable of performing different tasks.

COMMUNICATION - You are happiest when you have an audience that listens to you.



FAMILY – Both as a child and as a parent you create such strong ties with the family that you hardly manage to become independent. Because, if you miss your family, you can feel physical pain.

KINDNESS - Since you are closed, you keep all the problems to yourself which is mostly the cause of your frustrations and problems with the stomach. Your weapons are kindness and helpfulness that disarm even the most arrogant and the most conceited people.

HARMONY - The need for harmony makes you apologetic and flexible, so you avoid frontal confrontations.


REPUTATION - Excess energy makes you eager for power and glory, even in a restricted surrounding, classroom, workplace or in the family.

ABUNDANCE - You suffer from greatness and brightness, and you're not of the economic kind that hides their goods from the view of the environment. You want it all, but also you want others to see how much you have.

FOLLOWERS - Respect from the spouse and immediate family is not enough, you need an army of fans. That is why you maintain good relations with distant relatives and a large number of acquaintances.

Virgo couldn't live without safety, moderation and order, Scorpio without love,domination,game


SAFETY – You are thrifty and economical, so you would rather sacrifice current pleasure over long-term safety.

MODERATION - You don't like to waste money or time or energy. You will never spontaneously give in to pleasures because you know that it could cost you dearly.

ORDER - You always like to know where everything is and who you can count on. You respect regulations, not so much because of moral but rather to make life easier.


BALANCE - You like to keep things in balance: activity, rest, material and spiritual needs. You can't stand fanaticism.

COMFORT - Resting is very important for your weak point, loin, and in order to rest you need comfort. You have a hard time adjusting to Spartan lifestyle.

COMMUNITY - Marriage is ideal for members of your sign, because you possess an innate sense for life in the community. You can't stand loneliness and you are simply addicted to social life.


LOVE - Your tremendous energy is difficult to control, and your psyche is dominated by strongly expressed love lust. In order to function normally your love life must be rich.

DOMINATION - In society you need to have a dominant role, while it's difficult for you to accept equal relations.

GAME - You are by nature suspicious, but you also love to take the risk, so the game helps you relax.



SOCIALIZING – You need support from friends even though you don't like getting too attached to anyone. You love organizing trips, excursions and going out.

PLANNING - Although you are not one of those who worry about future too much, you do like thinking about it. You always need to have a plan, even if it's unrealistic, to push you forward.

TRAVELLING – You belong to the sign of world travelers who feel best when away from home. Even if you didn't have the chance to travel abroad, you feel a strange connection to remote areas.


UNDERSTANDING – You know perfectly how to live with your work and your thoughts. However, this retreat of yours is usually the result of getting disappointed in people. Those who want to gain your trust only need to show understanding for you.

POSITION - From an early age are you cooking up 'tough' plan to move away from the influence of authority and climb to the top from where you are going to, independent and free, observe 'dwarfs' below.

ORDER - You prefer following existing rules and laws than improvising. Your main advantages are tidiness, seriousness, persistence, strictness and firmness.


INDEPENDENCE – You are very independent and you have expressed the need to move freely. You can't stand imposed relations nor possessive people, but you can show great emotions.

FREEDOM - You are constantly looking for something new and exciting. However, you think about the future, because you are ruled by Saturn, the planet of logic.

BROTHERHOOD - You feel best when you can help others, so you somehow always find yourself in a situation where you can show that to everyone.


FEELINGS  – Your need for love is so great that you want to dedicate yourself completely to the person you love. You can literally get sick from love, but love can also heal you.

PROTECTION – Since you live in imagination, you are constantly looking for someone to protect you.

DEDICATION – In work you are good associates, willing to sacrifice for your colleagues.