Pick an animal and find out how other people see you

This is a fun psychological test that reveals interesting facts about people - about how others see them, how they see themselves, but also what they are really like deep down.

Do the test the following way: Take a pen and paper and list three animals, in this order:

1. Which is your favorite.

2. Which you would like the most to have as a pet.

3. Second favorite animal, whether wild or domestic.

Now for each animal write its characteristics. Examples of some animals and their characteristics:

Cat - independent, sexy, free-thinking, ‘night bird’, leader, demanding.

Bear - profound, protective, dreamer, guard, quiet.

Monkey - confident, cheerful, fun, practical, versatile, skilled, cheater.

Dog - loyal, friendly, brave, protector, modest, submissive, guard.

Mouse - hard-working, reliable, modest, shy, simple.

Rabbit - modest, cunning, quick, nervous, quiet.


Raccoon - agile, responsible, skeptical, intelligent, ‘night bird’.

Elephant - confident, calm, protective, persistent, stubborn.

Leo - strong, patient, protector, confident, calm, values family.

Fox - agile, has good taste, thinker, organized, cunning.

Rooster - talented, creative, eccentric, playful, artistic type.

Pig - generous, sincere, confident, honest, talented, innocent, friendly. 

Pick an animal and find out how other people see you

Cow - social, adventurous, curious, kind, calm, protective, quiet.

Zebra - loyal, intelligent, committed, idealistic, persistent, free, egoistic.

Tiger - powerful, elegant, authoritative, active, mysterious, unpredictable, lonely.

Deer - gentle, sensitive, agile, simple, values family.

Sheep - hesitant, friendly, obedient, conservative, hard-working, quiet.

Panda - a gentle, caring, playful, self-sufficient, a dreamer.

Penguin - mild, open, enigmatic, skilled, simple.

Owl - intuitive, mystical, free, careful, peaceful, spiritual.

Giraffe - confident, elegant, shy, charming, boastful.

Hedgehog - sarcastic, cunning, sensitive, opportunists, activists, individual.

Fish - quiet, friendly, reliable, honest, organized, serious, good friend.

Turtle - protector, patient, narrow-minded, stubborn, quiet, monotonous.


Duck - loud, guard, hard-working, playful, values family.

Horse - noble, loyal, strong, powerful, free-spirited, energetic, submissive.

Bird - cheerful, full of inner beauty, positive, free-spirited, simple.

Result: The third animal reflects how you see yourself. The second animal describes how other people see you. The first animal shows what you are really like.


Pick an animal and find out how other people see you