Everything you should know about friends

Today's topic is friends, the most changeable category of people, they are everywhere and yet they are nowhere. They are easy to spot but hard to recognize.

Some are there by accident, they literally stray into your life, silent observers with minor or no role at all in your lives. There are others who influence your life, and you are never sure if it's good or bad.

So let's start from the beginning.

Friends in good times.

The first type of friends are friends in good times (there are the most of those), and they come in handy for lunch and dinner, they are definitely there when you’re eating and drinking, but it’s hard to find them when you really need them. They are good actors, and for many years they can pretend that they sincerely love and respect you. They don’t like problems, and as long as you're doing OK they will be there.

Online friends.

Another type of friends that are especially focused on social networks (Facebook, Twitter). They are always there to like your photos and status updates, and they are first to wish you happy birthday. Especially preferred are those who comment your photos with the following words ‘You are beautiful’. They are absolutely useless, as people say ‘useless as a Facebook friend’.


Friends from work.

Friendship at work can be important but it is very unreliable and prone to collapse. This category reminds very much of the type ‘friends in good’ with all the associated features. When it comes to lunches and bars, they are top friends, they go well with homemade sausage and sauerkraut. At the first sign of trouble they hurry to throw you into the fire, for their own sake. They are great actors and it’s almost impossible to reveal their true colors until you feel the well-known sensation of being stabbed in the back. 

Everything you should know about friends

True friends.

No matter how rare true love is, true friendship is even harder to find. The most difficult thing in life is actually to find a true friend, one who will always be there for you when you need them, who won’t betray you, sell, fight, envy you, gossip, and who will always protect you, always help and advise you. When you find someone like that, take care of that friendship as the apple of the eye. Because of the first and basic, if you want to have a friend, you have to be a friend too.


In this modern time, burdened with troubles that are testing us over the years, friendship as a social phenomenon is indeed in a crisis, and whether it will survive, we shall see!

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Top 3 interesting quotes on friends:

True friends stab you from the front. (Oscar Wilde) ​

The friendship that ceased to exist has never existed. (Aurelius Augustine)

Misery reveals those who are not real friends. (Aristotle)


Everything you should know about friends