What is it about RED LIPSTICK that is driving men CRAZY?

Women are capable of doing anything to seduce the man they love. If you are wise you will use this little thing that will definitely sweep them off their feet.

Take a look at why this is so. Women use different tricks to seduce men, but what definitely works are a great look and glossy lips.

Red lipstick on woman’s lips is very sexy and men perceive it as such. This is the reason why women use it in the first place. Experts who studied the history of painting lips red came to a conclusion that the primary function of red lipstick is to make lips look like female genitals.

Hence the desire of many to enlarge their lips. This may sound banal and superficial, but it seems to be the truth, even though many women would never admit that, writes The Open Mind, and transmits 24 hours.


- Anthropologists believe that red lips serve as a reminder of the labia that turns red and swells if the woman is excited. In recent years, lips are almost always painted in shades of pink or red, and then the final layer of gloss is added to make them look wet and shiny – explains Diane Ackerman, the author of "Natural history of our senses." 

What is it about RED LIPSTICK that is driving men CRAZY?

She adds that such behavior of women is actually a subconscious attempt to imitate their own physical condition during sexual arousal. The importance and the use of lipstick have changed over the centuries and are hasn’t always implied to sex.

About 3,500. BC the Sumerian queen Puabi colored her lips with a mixture of white lead and chopped red rocks. At the time red lips marked high social status. In ancient Greece, red lip color was reserved mainly for prostitutes.

At the beginning of  Middle Ages, the Church has criticized the use of red color on lips, and in England women have used colors of lilies or roses because they were considered to be colors of "purity."

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Many women then made lipstick by mixing sheep fat and red roots puree. People in the 16th century believed that red lipstick has magic and that it can even cause death. In the 19th century, Queen Victoria publicly declared makeup impolite and wore it has become socially unacceptable.

But the urge of women to have red lips was stronger and they coped in different ways, by rubbing or biting lips to make them redder. 


What is it about RED LIPSTICK that is driving men CRAZY?