Horoscope and happiness: Love, faith, or strong relationship

'Hold happiness as a bird: as gentle and as soft as possible. If she feels free she will gladly stay in your hand'...

 Be sincere, do your best and want love!


Each morning take 20 minutes for yourself- whether it is for coffee, shower or music- it's necessary for you. No matter what you've been told, if you really want something, work on it, because you are not going to give up until you succeed or fall. Set priorities and dedicate more time to people who deserve that. Stop trying with the relationships that go nowhere. Take a walk every day, ride a bike or something similar – you need to move. Otherwise, you get tired. Don't be ashamed of your 'silliness', accept it and you won't be so nervous.  


Be sure of yourself and your attitudes, even if you are disappointed. Self-doubt leads you to depression. Don’t miss the opportunity to pamper yourself, but strictly a separate  time to enjoy and time for work. Practice empathy and try walking in other people’s shoes more often in order to understand them better. Learn that too much pride can be your enemy, especially if it drives you away from the ones you love. Be a good friend, those relations are one of the most valuable in your life. 


Study and read, it preserves your brain and your curiosity. Don’t get lazy with these things. Don’t neglect your hobbies, even if you have little time, without fun you will fall into depression. Don’t get married without living with someone for at least a year first. Look for a stable friend who will know to ‘stop’ you with his or her advice. Don’t settle for jobs that you are not interested in. Get an additional education and try to find something that you like.



Gossip less and spend less time in such surrounding, you receive negative emotions and thinking like a sponge. Don’t  miss the opportunity to spend time with family and friends – that is the energy that feeds you. Set your priorities at work and don’t let yourself work the whole day and be lazy the other - you need a routine. Practice trusting people gives them a chance to become good. Cook and enjoy good food, gastronomy is your passion.


Don’t apologize for  wanting attention, love or good behavior, find people who can give you that. Don’t hide your frustrations, they will come out ten times stronger and worse, and you will look immature. Be direct and honest. Don’t take the last place at work, you won’t be happy if you're not responsible for something. Release your passion and energy - either through sports, art, dance, music. Spend time with friends as much as you can and try leading active social life with different people. 

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Help people around you- that way you practice empathy and you will feel better. Accept yourself for who you are and don't justify yourself to others, spend time with people who share your attitudes about life. Don't take things personally at work, gain experience and look for something new if you aren't happy.  Don't be afraid to end a bad relationship, you are stronger than you think...


Decorate your home, work and car- your environment has a big influence on your mood. Learn to say 'no' and refuse people who deserve that without feeling awkward. Don't close yourself in your house, you need people like the plant needs the Sun. Reduce possessiveness and jealousy, they make you bitter and little crazy. Do what you love and you will get far. 


Be loyal to yourself and your desires and don’t follow the others, too much adjusting can be a trigger for rage with you, breaking up and depression. Open yourself to others and instead of just listening, share your thoughts with them. Trust your intuition, it turns out to be often accurate, regardless of how the situation looks at the beginning. Don't be afraid of negative emotions- they also have their purpose, to let off the steam. Eat healthily and avoid vices- they are your weak spot.


Speak openly, sincerely and freely - people appreciate you because of that. Have faith in yourself and always try out new things, your preferences are changing depending on the phase of your life. Make sure to include regular physical activity or sport into your life, you need to move. Pay less attention to material stuff and don’t pile up things that you don’t actually need. Don’t settle for less in love – it’s better to be alone because love will come to you when you least expect it.



In every job and task does your best, results will make you truly happy. Build your character and tempt it - give up smoking, unhealthy food, exercise. Don’t be afraid to be alone and practice spending quality time with yourself. Practice spontaneity without planning, allows yourself to indulge in what your heart desires. Help others without thinking, it makes you a better man and it all comes back.


Take care of your finances, make a plan that you will stick to and provide an amount for at least minimal saving- that way you will learn about more responsible approach towards money. Don't change the company of friends too much and appreciate people who love you, the excitement of new relationships often blurs your perspective. You need some serious physical activity- like jogging or something else where you can get completely exhausted. Don't run away from the problems- that's your biggest flaw. Beware of vices and people who encourage unhealthy lifestyle. 


Be open to new experiences - from traveling to relationships and business offers. Listen to others and give them your advice, they are truly precious and they will appreciate you for it. Don’t try to please others too much, especially your romantic partner, because that way you can lose your sense of your own self for a short while. Practice diligence and give yourself tasks that you have to complete. Don’t run away in stressful situations, but confront the problem.


HOROSCOPE: What is the biggest happiness for your sign: love, travel, faith, friends or strong relationship