For brave ones: Aztec horoscope reads your destiny according to your date of birth!

Aztecs, one of the fascinating civilizations of Middle America, entrusted the world art and culture on many aspects.

The architecture of this ancient empire attracts numerous adventurists while historians still examine the circumstances under which these people disappeared. Their mythology is an inexhaustible inspiration to those who study alternative disciplines. Although Aztec civilization was destroyed in the 16th century, during the Spanish conquest, it is known that they respected different deities, offered human sacrifices and developed their calendar. Just like any other great civilization, they had their horoscope about which western world knows very little, and whose system we will present.


There are 12 signs in Aztec astrology. Their symbols are combinations of plants, animals, objects and buildings. Signs are determined by dates of birth. When you find you birth date, you will know what sign you belong according to the Aztec horoscope.

January 4, 16, 18; February 2, 14, 26; March 10, 22; April 3, 15, 27; May 9, 21; June 2, 14, 26; July 8, 20; August 1, 13, 25; September 6, 18, 30; October 12, 24; November 5, 17, 29; December 11, 23.

Days of HOUSE:
January 5, 17, 29; February 3, 15, 27; March 11, 23; April 4, 16, 28; May 10, 22; June 3, 15, 27; July 9, 21; August 2, 14, 26; September 7, 19; October 1, 13, 25; November 6, 18, 30; December 12, 24.

Days of FLOWER: 
January 6, 18, 30; February 4, 16, 28; March 12, 24; April 5, 17, 29; May 11, 23; June 4, 16, 28; July 10, 22; August 3, 15, 27; September 8, 20; October 2, 14, 26; November 7, 19; December 1, 13, 25.

Days of SNAKE: 
January 7, 19, 31; February 5, 17, 29; March 1, 13, 25; April 6, 18, 30; May 12, 24; June 5, 17, 29; July 11, 23; August 4, 16, 28; September 9, 21; October 6, 15, 27; November 8, 20; December 2, 14, 26.

Days of DEER: 
January 8, 20; February 1, 6, 18; March 2, 14, 26; April 7, 19; May 1, 13, 25; June 6, 18, 30; July 12, 24; August 5, 17, 29; September 10, 22; October 4, 16, 28; November 9, 21; December 3, 15, 27.

Days of JAGUAR:
January 9, 21; February 7, 19; March 3, 15, 27; April 8, 20; May 2, 14, 26; June 7, 19; July 1, 13, 25; August 6, 18, 30; September 11, 23; October 5, 17, 29; November 10, 22; December 6, 16, 28.

Days of REED: 
January 10, 22; February 8, 20; March 4, 16, 28; April 9, 21; May 3, 15, 27; June 8, 20; July 2, 14, 26 August 7, 19, 31; September 12, 24; October 6, 18, 30; November 11, 23; December 5, 17, 29.


Days of RABBIT: 
January 11, 23; February 9, 21; March 5, 17, 29; April 10, 22; May 4, 16, 28; June 9, 21; July 3, 15, 27 August 8, 20; September 1, 13, 25; October 7, 18, 31; November 12, 24; December 6, 18, 30.

Days of EAGLE:  
January 12, 24; February 10, 22; March 6, 18, 30; April 11, 23; May 5, 17, 29; June 10, 22; July 4, 16, 28; August 9, 21; September 2, 14, 26; October 8, 20; November 1, 13, 25; December 7, 19, 31.

Days of MONKEY:
January 1, 13, 25; February 11, 23; March 7, 19, 31; April 12, 24; May 6, 18, 30; June 11, 23; July 5, 17, 29; August 10, 22; September 3, 15, 27; October 9, 21; November 2, 14, 26; December 8, 20.

Days of FLINT: 
January 2, 14, 26; February 12, 24; March 8, 20; April 1, 13, 25; May 7, 19, 31; June 12, 24; July 6, 18, 30; August 11, 23; September 4, 16, 28; October 10, 22; November 3, 15, 27; December 9, 21.

Days of DOG: 
January 3, 15, 27; February 13, 25; March 9, 21; April 2, 14, 26; May 8, 20; June 1, 13, 25; July 7, 19, 31; August 12, 24; September 5, 17, 29; October 11, 23; November 4, 16, 28; December 10, 22.


CROCODILE Crocodile is a symbol of happiness and well-being. It is the beginning and the end of every job. Crocodiles are self-confident, independent; provide support and safeness to others.  They are also diligent and responsible, and those traits lead o success. Crocodiles are loyal friends who never forget even the smallest detail. They have excellent powers of observation and are very analytical. They are romantic and would never commit themselves to others if they are not completely in love. They give to their partners the best part of themselves. Crocodiles always seek for a stable and long relationship. They are sensual and ready to try different thing in bed. They are of good health. They should be free to show their feelings. Crocodiles get along well with days of house, Flint, monkey and jaguar.

HOUSE House is the symbol of maternity, so these persons are materialists. They like to be at home where they feel the best. They take care of financial and emotional prosperity of their families and consider themselves to be responsible for their safety and protection. They need peace of mind and originality, as well as the job where they can express their abilities. Their emotions are strong; they are extroverts who never keep their feelings for themselves, neither positive nor negative. They love intensively and never look back if someone disappoints them. Houses are also unstable and unpredictable persons. Their nature is somehow grim, so they seek solitude in their shelter. They need to feel the love from people in their environment. Love without romance is worthless for them. When facing a problem that has to be solved, their characters change.  They get along well with snake, rabbit eagle, Reed and other houses.

FLOWER Flower is the symbol of the game; that's why these people don't hesitate when it comes to making decisions that could change their lives. They are very sensitive, artistic, and pleasures. They easily get bored with uninteresting jobs and routines, since there is nothing that could motivate them. Flowers have a strong intuition that can help them to avoid numerous troubles. They are very private; they hardly show their feelings or admit that they have problems. They look exhausted, although their hearts are full of love and kindness. They need love and attention. They are imaginative and original lovers who expect surprises from their partners, otherwise they will be bored and disappointed. They should learn how to control their temper. Flowers get along with reed, rabbit, monkey, jaguar and deer.

SNAKE  Snake is the symbol of fertility. These people believe that the long-term planning is crucial for future well-fare. They have talents for a business that bring big money. Breaking them is hard. They are courageous people who bravely fight and never give up because they don't fight battles they cannot win. The occult attracts them. They are very devoted to their families and friends. They always want to be the center of attention, since they enjoy when others admire them. If they want to be seductive, they will be, especially when they want something badly. As lovers, they are unstable, because they never know what they want. Snakes get along well with eagles, dogs, snakes, and jaguars.

DEER Deer are vivacious people who quickly think, and are full of optimism and joy. They are good and kind, talkative and like peace. They have many friends and are eloquent in any company. All of that is just an illusion because they can hardly believe people. At work, they are very efficient. Their ambition helps them to be successful and to reach high personal goals. They like to be in the direct contact with nature. Being shy lovers, they never give themselves to the fullest, nor can enjoy the relationship. When they fall in love, they never know whether the affection is mutual or not. This is the reason their relationships fail. They are very sensitive and easily hurt. Deer are compatible with people born under the signs of dog, jaguar, monkey, flower and rabbit.

JAGUAR Jaguar is a symbol of the sun, good heart, good health, persistence success, and happiness. Jaguars are attracted to power and fame. They can't stand mistakes, or can watch others spoil their plans. They are excellent organizers and perfect leaders, who never risk unless they're sure of success. They are courageous and like it when people admire their heroism. In love, they are very sensual and exceptionally romantic. They are also honest, sincere and jealous in a relationship. They need to know that they are in control. They can be demanding of themselves and others. Jaguar gets along with crocodile, reed, rabbit and deer.

FOR BRAVE ONES: Aztec horoscope reads your destiny according to your date of birth!

REED Reed is a symbol of serenity and wisdom. These are cheerful and intelligent people who are in constant need of spirituality, art and joy. They are positive and don’t worry about material goods; their happiness is far above that. Reeds are proud to be independent. They are skilled with words and with earning money. They are better as a friend than lovers, although have characteristic charm and charisma. They like their friends and families, as well as surprises. Boredom is something they're afraid of. Being of changeable nature, they rarely commit their selves to partners. They need their freedom. Reeds get along well with flints, jaguars, flowers, and houses.

RABBIT This sign is connected to Moon, so the never have financial problems. These are hard-working people who know how to get money. They love luxurious things on which they're ready to spend a small fortune. But, they also save for a rainy day. They are not good at superior positions, but they are excellent co-workers and advisors. They are successful businessmen and skilled diplomats. As long as people treat them kindly and with respect, they will behave the same way. They are energetic and always make plans for the future. They are unfaithful in love and like to change partners and homes. In the relationship, they are tolerant and romantic, but with time, they get bored and start to change. However, they pay more attention to emotions than to sex. Rabbits are tireless perfectionists who will fight to achieve their goals. Rabbits get along well with people born under the sign of deer, snake, jaguar and dog.

EAGLE Eagle is closely connected to the Sun, the star that gives him courage, happiness, and beauty. He likes power and influence. He is an excellent manager who takes the risk and knows how to ensure victory. He is too impulsive and passionate and lets his instinct rule over reason.  He is full of energy and vitality; he takes care of his friends, so can easily be hurt by betrayal. He needs time to get over it. When it comes to love, he is impatient, and his emotions are intense. Stability of Eagles completely depends on their love life. Eagle is too proud and a bit greedy; he should learn how to give. He gets along with people born under the sign of snake, dog and eagle.


MONKEY These are cheerful people who spread positive energy and know how to earn someone's trust. Monkey is original and creative, his vivid imagination seeks the ways to realize his fantasies, and otherwise he becomes bored and frustrated. He is an excellent friend, but selfish in love. He will not agree to demands of a partner. He gets emotionally attached to him/her. He always has something new and attractive to offer. Communication in a relationship is important to him, as well as support and understanding. He doesn’t save money. People born under this sign get along with crocodiles, deers, rabbits and other monkeys.

FLINT Flint is a symbol of sacrifice, ambition, creativity and courage. He has a strong personality and willpower. He sets high goals for himself and gets into risky situations for which others don't have courage. He is devoted and hard-working; cannot say „no” to his friend even when it opposes to his principles. He is an excellent, passionate lover. He is careful and kind to everybody around him. He fears changes and everything that can endanger his security. He should bare his soul sometimes, to feel better. Flint gets along well with crocodile, deer, rabbit and monkey.

DOG Dog is a symbol of loyalty and kindness. These are very intuitive people who can listen to others and are ready to give the best of them. They spend a lot of time thinking and analyzing; they are perfectionists. Since they don't want that their private life suffers, they need a stress-free job. They are cautious and don't like to risk. In love, they can be cold and don't want to attach, since they don't want to get hurt. When it comes to partners, they are very picky. They don't like short-term relationships; they will rather wait for the right one. They get along well with those born under the sign of rabbit, eagle, flint and deer.