How do women 'make moves' on men today?

Girls recently seem to have been forced to start seducing men. Those who dare to ‘go for it’ often have a dilemma - where to do it.

Woman with her legs crossed in the right way and perfect cleavage, tells the Court about the real causes that led to the murder of her lover, while the judge, lawyers and jury, consisting exclusively of men, are fascinated while they listen to the story ...

This is how Dr. Alejandro Napolitano, a psychotherapist from Buenos Aires vividly describes the power of members of the fairer sex. He also adds that men, no matter how hard they’re trying to resist, before attractive woman they are eventually disarmed by her curves, tone of voice or her fingers gently playing with her hair curls. They seduce with their figure, captivating male gaze and bringing it to a hypnotic trance. 

If men are visual creatures, then it is certain that physical characteristics and manipulation using them, are women’s strongest weapons.

Is it, however, the only one? Do they triumph in this game of seduction in a different way, by using intelligence, relying on their wit, emphasizing their kindness? And how much of it they use, because the main question is- have stereotypes finally been broken, and it became normal for girls to make moves on men? 


Psychotherapist Marija Vicković says that today flirting is much rarer, but also that the ladies are more daring and they make the first move.

-They saw that there’s no use waiting for men, so they decided to take the first step - says Vicković.

– Courting was once reserved for members of the stronger sex. The things they did in order to win the affection of their sympathy are unbelievable. Today they withdrew, got stuck in corners, and it’s as if they are waiting for the girl of their dreams to get them out of there. What happened is that women are forced to start seducing.

Unskillful in this game, or actually skillful, they relied on the primal in them. Seduction with the look through the eyelashes, a smile that is both provocative and shy, gentle tone of voice and seductive walk – will reveal to men a woman eager of attention. And that, Marija says, is not a strategic weapon, but something that is innate to ladies, but was suppressed by cultural or religious imperatives in the past. When a girl is insisting on it and uses it pronouncedly, according to the advice of geisha from a movie, it can be said that she’s resorted to tactics. 

How do women 'make moves' on men today?

- Playing with her hair is a clear sign that a woman wants to seduce a certain man. And he will be able to understand it also while she's talking, crossing her legs in a specific way, with the top of her feet directed towards him. Ladies also often send a signal by constantly touching earrings or a necklace in front of guys, subtly approaching their face or smiling - says psychotherapist.

That is why she advises beginners to watch romantic movies that could be a good cue for a girl's night out during which girlfriends scatter around the club and each focuses on her ‘prey’. The choice of ‘weapons’ is up to girls. And yet, Dr Alejandro Napolitano claims that seduction with the look is the fastest and cleanest. A Chinese study conducted on 120 people, on the other hand, revealed that when someone hears that a person is kind, he immediately perceives her as more attractive, which is especially important for the story in which ladies approach men.

- Charisma is associated with the attractiveness of the face, so that positive qualities can increase attractiveness, while negative reduce it- scientists explain.

Daring women who are not afraid to make a move on guys, sometimes have a problem where to do it. Experts advise environment where they spend most of their time such as the workplace, because they are most natural there.


But there are other hidden pitfalls - the thought of a possible debacle and the question of what to do afterward. Public transport is usually awkward, in the street it is more likely that she will be judged, and if flirting takes place in a café, then, experts advise, it’s best to be at the bar, close to a company of men. It is also important that the girl doesn’t sit all evening with a mobile phone in her hands, because, though she is chatting with the ‘target’, she will send the message that she is not available or generally uninterested.

Dr Alejandro says that physical attraction is primary, and all the other advantages, such as intelligence, wit and kindness come second. Then it is important for every girl to emphasize the best in herself. He further adds that it is important for women to remember the following:

- Seduction is a strategy game that is played in stages, demands patience, and victory should be celebrated only at the very end.

Therefore, it is important to colocate your strength well. And if there are some problems at the beginning, don’t immediately give up. And smile, because, they say, it always works.

How do women 'make moves' on men today?