Summer vacation: Taurus likes to laze around; Libra doesn't like to be alone...

Have you already planned a vacation? Here are some astro advises that can help you!


This great adventurer of the Zodiac can hardly be still.

There is no traditional vacation for him.

He simply doesn't know how and cannot stay still; he is bored, and it kills him slowly. Vacation for him means to spend a whole day outside exploring and enjoying the nature.

All kinds of extreme climbing, rafting, or, at least, three to four workout sessions a day- sports vacation or exploring the wild and exotic places- are some of the things that will satisfy their needs. 


Lazing around is his type of vacation. And it would be the best if he could afford someone to serves him all the time. Summer, sun, sea and beach, but also the natural shade, because nothing should be hard. So the beach shouldn't be too far from the hotel since he could get tired. In addition to everything, rich and diverse selection of dishes, preferably a buffet or a barbecue that is available 24/7. After the vacation, he ends up with few pounds more, but very satisfied.



The most important criteria for Gemini are the possibility of going out and meeting few people, as well as easy recreative entertaining events. He can't even imagine being on vacation alone. It is important to him to be in the company of interesting people, so the ideal vacation would be where he can stay out till him early morning hours, have fun, and then continue in the morning at the same pace.

Having a vacation in another urban zone is not excluded, as well as visiting exhibitions, concerts, and theatres and alike. They will gladly, even it were the hottest day of a year, go on a sightseeing tour of a metropolis.


This is a typical sea type who would gladly escape to a desert island. Most of the day he will spend on the beach, getting relaxed by painting the seascapes or making summer jewelry. He likes water, so if he can't afford to go to the seaside, he will have a good time by a lake, and if possible, prepare some elegant and exotic dishes, as a real cook. It would be the best if he travelled with intimate friends, rather than with a crowd.


A stage, and nothing but a stage. If there is nothing exciting going on where he intended to spend his vacation, he will hardly go there. He likes glamour and possibility to be noticed- they imply a place where he can go out, and where some significant event takes place, whether entertaining, cultural or sports. There he will show off his fancy clothes, maybe even some sports skills. 

Summer vacation: Taurus likes to laze around; Libra doesn't like to be alone...


These people prefer some refined and quiet place where they can peacefully spend their vacation full of harmony between healthy lifestyle and quality food (these two elements are the main criteria).


The most important thing for Libras is that they are not alone; but, preferably, his loved one. They are real sweethearts who like to spend time together. It doesn't matter where, as long as they are together. Well, it would be good if the place was nice and decent; that can be a city (Vienna is a good choice) or a hotel by the sea where they can enjoy. They will spend their vacation leisurely; they will not be too active, nor too lazy.



The place where they go should be challenging, even dangerous if possible. And that nightlife is guaranteed. They can go on vacation in any combination- whether on their own or with friends. The only thing that they cannot stand is boredom.

They will explore areas full of snakes, or go bungee jumping. Or if, on a traditional vacation, they will seek for different challenges. A river full of rapids is also a place where they feel at home.


It is important for Sagittarius to travel as far as they can, to the Moon if possible! Since such a trip is highly unlikely, he will be satisfied with a holiday package to an exotic country; he also like to travel by himself. Then he turns into Indiana Jones and brings interesting things and trophies from his travels. The whole world suits for him; he is a real adventurer who adores traveling. Once he leaves, he hardly finds his way back. Then a vacation can last for a few years.


There are two types of Capricorns when it comes to holiday. The first type goes for a carefully planned vacation. He knows exactly for how long he is going to stay, where, what he is going to do each day. Every moment has to have a purpose and filled with a constructive activity- reading, swimming, studying.

The second type is aware that his job completely wore him out, and he spends his vacation in the opposite extreme; he does everything entirely different. His vacation consists of lounging on the beach and interesting going outs, without any particular plan or order. By doing that, he wants to escape his everyday routine and forget about work. There are also those Capricorns who don't travel at all because they- work.


Aquarian goes either with friends or alone. He usually doesn't have any particular plan two; he improvises and acts on a spur of the moment. Hitchhiking has almost fallen into oblivion, but it will suit for an Aquarius, as well as staying in hostels. The elderly will go camping or cruising, on their boat if possible. Nothing planned in advance will suit for them. Vacation for them represents roaming about and exploring life and human nature.


They felt the best when in or by the sea, of course. They are real marine people, so besides spending a holiday on the shore, they will have a great time on an exciting cruise. All kinds of boats and beaches will suit, but some Pisces can be found by lakes. The usually lounge around and daydream. God forbid that they should cook; it is too tiring for them. They will go gout only if they feel like it, if not, they will spend the evening in the arms of their loved ones.

Summer vacation: Taurus likes to laze around; Libra doesn't like to be alone...