Fight on the radar: Every horoscope sign have the eternal enemy

Don’t bother! It’s natural that we don’t get along with everyone well. Some people just don’t agree with us as good as others.

But what does it depend on? Horoscope will explain.


If you were wondering who your ‘natural’ enemy is, now the stars will tell you.


Aries - Capricorn


You love a good conversation, but Capricorn's shy nature, as well as selfishness, destroy that. Do not be fooled by their quiet behavior, because deep down they devise a plan how to get rid of you.



Taurus - Cancer


Cancer will always think about your loyalty and will, therefore, begin to insult you from time to time to protect himself. Do not let their suspicion, assumptions, and pessimism get to you.


Gemini - Virgo


You never had a good relationship with people who like to judge others, so don’t let the person in the sign of Virgo get under your skin, or let their shyness deceive you. Virgo will always look for a way to beat you in everything.



Cancer - Gemini


You are very practical, and hypocrisy and inconsistency that Gemini have are constantly dragging you to the other side. Be careful and don’t let them manipulate you. The Gemini is cunning and won’t rest until they defeat you.



Leo - Scorpio


Scorpios are usually explosive people who can be aggressive. It's definitely not worth walking around in the fire to satisfy them in many ways. If in any case you should feel Scorpio's repulsiveness, end every contact with them.



Virgo - Sagittarius


Sagittarius are careless and somewhat narcissistic people with whom you should not have any contact. Sagittarius will not hesitate to end the relationship with you at any time, so do not give them the satisfaction.

FIGHT ON THE RADAR: Horoscope reveals which sign is your eternal ENEMY!

Libra - Taurus


The Taurus will want to fight with you because they are jealous of what you have. Keep in mind that the Taurus is stubborn and that they usually won’t see things your way.





Scorpio - Libra


You always have the feeling that they are hiding something from you. They are also always positive and happy, which reminds you of the fake ‘facade’ that is all over their face.



Sagittarius - Taurus


You don’t understand their laziness, and you find them too boring. The Taurus is everything opposite of what you personally value.



Capricorn - Pisces


What are they thinking about? You don’t understand them, and you think that their dreamer and idealistic nature are in fact a great weakness.



Aquarius - Leo


Leos don’t think the same as you - that you are always right. They like being at the center of attention too much and ‘act’ as if they were an alpha in everything. You think you are at a higher level than them, and in fact, you are quite similar.



Pisces - Aries


You are a person who likes to go through life easily, and you are mostly annoyed by people who are aggressive and sometimes rude. The extreme passion of Aries does not agree with your personality, so you will never get along well.

FIGHT ON THE RADAR: Horoscope reveals which sign is your eternal ENEMY!