Zodiac and how it affects human body: Taurus rules throat and neck area, Leo is connected to the heart

Do you believe that there is a connection between certain planets and our organs and body functions?

Every part of the sky above us is ‘responsible’ for a certain part of the body, and then there are even more precise divisions, that is, the connection between organs and functions of the body with certain planets. When one of these goes wrong, there's a problem ....

The most basic division goes logically. As the constellations in the sky above us are lined, so are the parts of the body.

When a man is being born first comes head, so this sequence starts from there.

Hence, it is Aries who is the first in line and it rules the head, and people who have a lot of planets in this sign are very sensitive in the head area.

Taurus rules throat and neck area. Famous singers are often born in this sign and people with pronounced Taurus have a strong voice.

Gemini is connected to shoulders, arms, and respiratory organs. Slender, agile, airy, always on the go. Breathing ....

Cancer rules chest and stomach. The root sign, a symbol of home from where everything goes, begins and where it ends.

Leo is obviously connected to the heart. In all the stories there is mentioned heart of a lion and the courage of a lion.

Virgo is the time of harvest and fruits, and this sign is associated with lower back and lower part of digestive organs, intestines.

If you visualize a Libra, the image will remind us of kidneys.

Passionate and seductive Scorpio rules reproductive organs.

Sagittarius is connected to the thighs, liver and bile duct.


Firm and durable, but also sometimes cruel, Capricorn rules bones, teeth, and especially the knees.

Aquarius is associated with lower leg, circulation.

Pisces rule the feet. The best dancers have at least one planet in this sign.

And so we have ‘scanned’ the entire human body. But this is just the beginning; this is the basic division.

Zodiac and how it affects human body: Taurus rules throat and neck area, Leo is connected to the heart

The natal chart is important​

First look at your natal chart to see whether in some of these signs you have a little more planets, so you can know straight away which part of your body may be more sensitive. Also you have to look what those planets are, what aspects are concerned, and in what are the houses in which it all happens.​

Houses that are associated with health are primarily 6. (life habits, outer style of health and self-care) and 12. (inner habits, subconscious, not so clear manifestations), and also 8. (fiery-acute things, the area of crisis in which to act) and secondary 4. (a little deeper ancient influences, beginning and end of life).​

Planets of the solar system also rule certain functions of the body.​

Sun is always important and life-giving and who has well placed Sun in the natal chart, he will have the strength and health.

Moon is associated with women's issues, but also with the psyche and body fluids. We all know the story of the tides and female cycles associated with the changes of the moon. This is a clear sign that the bodies in the sky have the same rhythm as a man, and are associated with us.

Mercury influences thinking, speech, the ability of movement, agility in general.

Venus is associated with skin conditions, and also with women's issues.

Mars influences stamina, masculinity, the ability for action in general, strength and vitality. If it is badly set in these houses, injuries are possible.

Jupiter is always beneficial, and it is associated with liver, gall bladder, and with the measure in general. This means that if it is pronounced or set high, there is a strength.

Saturn is unjustly considered bad, but it all depends. It is connected to the bones, all solid structures in the body, but also with longevity. Badly placed in houses related to health, it can bring chronic disease, but in the right place it gives endurance, ability to withstand marathon efforts.

Uranus always acts unexpectedly and sudden, and is associated with the nerves. Badly placed it can bring stroke or similar ‘break’ of connections in the body and who has it in the right place, has a good stock of nerves.


Neptune affects fluids in the body, but it is often responsible for the state of the soul and psyche. Well-placed it gives artistic gifts and the ability of telepathy, exaltation, but badly set it can lead a man to the brink of insanity.

Pluto rules the hidden things, so it is elusive. In the physical world it can be linked to reproduction (creation), but also with deeper states of subconsciousness, something we are not aware of. It creates or destroys, depending on how it is set, but when it destroys, it destroys the foundations too, so that a man can do nothing but completely change and start all over again from scratch.

This is the guide that you can use to find out something about your health and condition from your natal chart. See if you have something in houses related to health and how it is set.

The healthiest people usually have good aspects between Sun and Mars, and good Saturn. Don’t forget, there are always exceptions that maintain their good health in some way.