HOROSCOPE: For woman in this sign love is the most powerful force in universe

If you are going to love a person born in this sign - truly, madly, deeply, you need a vulnerability in order to discover what it means to be loved with all your heart.

In his desire to nourish and provide all that is necessary to improve the world in which he lives, he will exhaust himself with fixing things and leaving them better than when he found them.

He is – a Cancer!

He considers love the most powerful force in the universe, and he is the best, most skilled manager of this magical force.

Cancers are constantly criticized for changeable and often grim mood, but it is important to know that dear Cancer feels everything. Communication is the key if you want to avoid misunderstandings that could lead to romantic disbalance.

A kind word or thoughtful token of appreciation will launch them into orbit to the stars, and a thoughtless comment or unnecessary ignoring will cast him into whirlpool of grim doubts and questions like, 'What have I done to deserve this?'

He feels everything and often longs for the time that he can spend in solitude, with his thoughts.


From time to time you may be confused with his ability to be equally shy and courageous at the same time.

It takes an enormous amount of work for true Cancer to free himself from the hardened shell that protects his raw emotions. Many Cancers keep their partners at a distance while they swim through unexplored waters and know for sure that they are 'safe', because they can only love completely.

Although he likes to be spontaneous, Cancer hates short affairs, because he's saving himself for someone special.

HOROSCOPE: For woman in this sign love is the most powerful force in universe, she believes in fairytales and that you can live happily ever after

Cancer is often creative and always expressive. Attentiveness characterizes his style in relationships, when he once lets you into his heart, you are always on his mind.

He will give everything he has for you, and in return it takes very little for him to be happy. For him it is enough to feel respected and safe among people he loves.

His partner needs to be sensitive. You are not his first partner, and you are lucky if you are the last one, and it's important to know that he has been hurt many times. He doesn't ask you to heal his wounds; you just need to know how important it is for him to be able to trust you, because he will give you all of him.

His past was filled with unworthy lovers, just because he didn't realize what an amazing person he is.

His greatest gift is his heart - he loves even when everyone else would give up, because he sees the tiny ray of the sunshine that's telling him that there is a light beyond the darkness.

What he needs is stability, even though he lives for adventure!


He wants to play, to explore and go into the unknown with someone for whom he is confident will be his safety net if he falls. Over the years, he took care of many things. For his future happiness in love, he wants a person who feels comfortable in her own skin, the person he can grow with.

Cancer will give you everything you may want in a relationship; he has always believed that fairytales are real and that two people can live happily ever after.

His love is pure, real and 100 percent genuine. (Unfortunately, many people haven't experienced love like his, so the most wouldn't know what to do with it ... they reject it or worse - take it for granted.)

A brave soul who is willing to allow to be loved by a big heart of Cancer, may see a miracle invisible to others. And then the two of them will enjoy the euphoric glow that radiates from those who realize the value of writing their own fairy tale.


HOROSCOPE: For woman in this sign love is the most powerful force in universe, she believes in fairytales and that you can live happily ever after