WHAT DOES LOVE MEAN TO ZODIAC SIGNS: To Libra it's harmony, To Aries a necessity and for Virgo a mystery


For people born in the sign of Aries, love is the necessity that needs to be fulfilled. They see it as their basic right and don't hesitate to ask for love. A person born in the sign of Aries won't hesitate to look for love in unusual and unexpected places, especially if someone catches his attention.

Aries withers when without love. For people in this sign love is like a magic potion, it fulfills them completely. They demand constant love and attention when they are in a relationship. If their partner ignores them and doesn't pay them enough attention, they will cool. Even though in certain situations, when they are sincerely and very much in love, they will take rejection as a challenge and won't give up until they conquer that person. 

The thing that Aries still need to learn in love is: to invest their trust the right way, in the right person and the right time. They need to learn to think well before they 'hop.'



For people born in the sign of Taurus, love is affection in all its primal, physical and sensual intimacy. When they need love, it has to be available straight away, pleasant and should give them satisfaction. They know how to love, and can both give and receive love.

Love has quite simple and understandable meaning for them. Taurus are stable and loyal, they appreciate material goods and safety, and they are attracted to people who can provide it to them. They also want to own their loved one completely. In the course of it, they show all their anger, jealousy, stubbornness, dependence and possessiveness.

The thing that people born in the sign of Taurus still need to learn is flexibility, ability to forgive when they get hurt or rejected, as well as listen and understand their partner better.



For people born in the sign of Gemini love is the feeling of comfort and security that makes them happy and gives them pleasure. On the other hand, love is an obstacle to the feeling of complete freedom.

In a positive sense, love represents a pleasant and comfortable connection with a partner for them. In a negative sense, love can provoke a feeling of resentment with them because in certain situations Gemini takes love as a limitation. In such circumstances, the Gemini can show superficial behavior, tendency to cheat, unreliability. If a person in the sign of Gemini continues to observe relationship as a form of obligation, then that love will seem to them as a mere sense of obligation and a barrier to their freedom and independence.

People born in the sign of Gemini still have to learn to appreciate the ultimate, warm and gentle side when it comes to love.



For people born in the sign of Cancer love is a net of emotional security, a need that is above all other needs and something that should primarily come out from honesty and friendship. 

Love for them represents the most beautiful feeling. Their enormous need for love provokes in them a feeling of deep sentimentality. All past experiences, feelings of loss and disappointment, make people born in the sign of Cancer become emotional, generous and sensual people. Even though they are reserved and tough due to the blows of life, their whole world lies on the foundations of emotions and sentimentality. They need a real love nest where they will feel secure and fulfilled.

People born in the sign of Cancer still have to learn how to relax, let go and express themselves openly.   



For people born in the sign of Leo love is a romance - fiery, clear, sparkling and beautiful - like those in romantic movies and fairytales. They love being in love and a wonderful feeling when they love and are loved. It brings them a lot of positive and beautiful emotions.

Leos know how to love themselves, but also the whole world. Leos have the ability to, without any pressure, expectation and conditioning, get fulfillment and satisfaction from their loved ones. They know how to love and give love, but they expect the same in return. Their need and instinct for domination and power also manifest in a relationship with a partner.

They love submission and long for assurance. Leos don't shirk when it comes to generosity and attention to their partner. They expect to be shown gratitude openly and honestly and to be shown respect.

People born in the sign of Leo still need to learn in love how to be modest and humble. And that giving in love is equally important as receiving. 

WHAT DOES LOVE MEAN TO EACH SIGN: To Libra it's harmony, To Aries a necessity and for Virgo a mystery


For people born in the sign of Virgo love is a mystery to which they are eager to surrender. In love, they are on the verge of conscious thinking; they don't want to know anything more than what they see and they believe in what they see. And the things they don't see, for them may as well not exist at all.

They are completely committed to their relationship and their partner, but in love they also see its practical side. Since they are constantly preoccupied with thoughts and plans, they can’t relax completely. Often their greatest love is their job, their home and place where they can create the perfect atmosphere.

Perfection inspires and motivates them. A good partner should try to relax them and make seriousness and caution that is constantly in their mind disappear.

People born in the sign of Virgo still need to learn in love to feel the passion and warmth. They need the ability to understand that love is much more than pure analysis and calculation, and that it has much deeper meaning.



For people born in the sign of Libra love is harmony. Merging of minds that are balanced - in any case, it is not extreme and leads to happy and pleasant results for both sides.

In Libra’s composed, symmetrical and harmonious world, love is related to beauty. Venus, the ruling planet of Libra, brings these people profoundly established respect for aesthetics, symmetry, and harmony. Sometimes this may represent a problem for them because they may fail to understand the deeper meaning of love.

They need a lot of time to choose the perfect partner because they want their partner to suit them in everything. Since they are charming and elegant, people born in the sign of Libra rarely have a problem finding fans and partners, but it sometimes takes them a long time to decide. And during that time, while Libras think, their potential partner can leave disappointed because he got tired waiting.

Libras immediately know whether they are in love and they enjoy all the details that accompany love and courting.

People born in the sign of Libra still have to learn that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The harmony of hearts in love and compatibility is more important than looks. The important thing is the deeper meaning of love itself.



For people born in the sign of Scorpio love is a lust for unity that consumes them completely and follows them throughout their lives and influences their opinion and choices. For them, love is the ultimate feeling, worth every sacrifice, with them that feeling is expressed and they understand it better in a more physical way.

With the intimacy they find and understand the unknown, cross physical barriers and touch the chords of their own consciousness, which fascinates them endlessly. It is no wonder that intimacy with a partner is of great importance in their lives. This is a way for them to connect the human with spiritual.

People born in the sign of Scorpio still need to learn the importance of the fact that love is giving and surrender. Fulfillment in love should be mutual.



For people born in the sign of Sagittarius love is real and eternal, but also, something that can pass them by and that’s why they need to find it, explore it, restore and keep before it is lost forever.

Sagittarius are basically insecure. Their uncertainties are carefully disguised by their communicative, friendly and sincere appearance. Since they often fear reality, they seek refuge in idealizing, and sometimes they can go too far in that.

They have a strong spirit and the will to explore. They are afraid to look deeper into their feelings and that is why they may never experience complete fulfillment in love. They are too cautious when it comes to their space and freedom, and therefore they may sometimes think that love will hold them back and tie, not free them. Still, their partners can learn a lot from their infectious idealism, optimism and enthusiasm.

When it comes to love, people born in the sign of Sagittarius still need to learn lessons about loyalty and devotion.



For people born in the sign of Capricorn love is a mutual exchange of pleasures that brings the necessary security, peace and satisfaction. And contrary to popular belief, love is very important to them.

For them, love represents connection and responsibility, but also sensuality and stability. Their serious exterior can hide their gentle and mild side of the personality, but they completely understand love. When they free themselves and open to their partner, they give him so much unbridled passion and extreme confidence in themselves, which can be extremely charming.

Planet Saturn influences them in that way to have great respect for the culture, age, success and achievements so they are extremely attracted to the rich and successful. However, the rich, according to them, are not those who were born that way, but those who are hard-working, and they became that with their work and effort.

Their family has a great importance in their life. That is why, when they love, they accept that person as a member of the family- they rarely engage in one night stands and superficial flirting.

People born in the sign of Capricorn still need to learn in love how to relax, surrender unconditionally and be unselfish.



For people born in the sign of Aquarius love is freshness and something new, unselfish and pleasant. The Aquarius want to examine the depth and range of love before they completely embrace its form and existence.

For them as the humanitarians of the Zodiac, love is universal and unselfish. The Aquarius strongly believe that you can be impartial and equal in all spheres of life.

The Aquarius always have a lot of friends. With their attractive personality, visionary approach and tolerance they barely ever feel the scarcity in friendships and fans. They love new and modern approach to everything, even love.

For them, the challenge is changing conventions and traditions in the manner of courting and love. Therefore, many of the members of the sign of Aquarius won’t hesitate considering options between more potential partners before they truly indulge in love. Since they are open by nature, they often mix informal friendship with love. Due to that, they often feel the emptiness, inability or confusion in love.

People born in the sign of Aquarius still need to learn that in love it is important to surrender completely and that doubt has no place in love.



For people born in the sign of Pisces love is unselfish feeling, a miracle that completes, creates a whole and requires total surrender. For them, love is more giving than receiving, and it has a lot in common with creativity and philosophy. But due to their changeable nature and influence of the ruling planet Neptune, Pisces can show a tendency to move - from one to another, constantly looking for true love and a deeper meaning.

Still, they can be faithful, firmly tied to their ideals, not because they fail to see the other choices and meanings, but because they simply know that it is the real thing.

People born in the sign of Pisces still need to learn that love encompasses everything, that it is complete and that it can motivate a person to live and move on, that love is and can be the biggest motivation in life.


WHAT DOES LOVE MEAN TO EACH SIGN: To Libra it's harmony, To Aries a necessity and for Virgo a mystery