Astrologers have a proven way to see if your partner is going to dump you

Pay attention... You wonder if your love has come to its end or it is just a bad phase?

Astrologers say they have a proven way to see if your partner is going to dump you.




They start making the distance from you, but they try to avoid fighting no matter what. When Aries is in love, he has an overwhelming need to share each, even the smallest detail with a loved one. Also, the Aries is pretty direct, and leave no room for free interpretation. If you find yourself re-examining the meanings behind their actions more often than usual, something is definitely wrong.





In times of crisis, the Taurus give their best to show their lives are better than ever. That's why they’ll fill up social networks with photos of new clothes, decoration for apartment and similar things, all to hide how unhappy they actually are. The Taurus is aesthetics, and their happiness depends largely on how things in their environment look.




Gemini will be in a terrible mess, and incredibly sad and upset, but they will pretend that this is all due to everything else, just not the fact that their relationship is breaking up. It will be hard for them at work; they will spoil their relationships with others, and ruin their lives on several fronts simply because they can’t deal with the fact that they are not happy in a relationship, so they will try to find the cause of their anxiety in everything else.



Cancers become quarrelers who look for every possible cause for a new conflict. They will tell everyone around them how unhappy they are in a relationship, they will always have a passive-aggressive comment, and they will do their best to show clearly to everyone how unhappy they are, but they won’t do anything to fix things. Cancers are otherwise gentle, so when you see that they become more sarcastic and rough, you know what the problem is.




Leos first become aggressive, and then simply uninterested. They are pretty brutal in dealing with a partner when the relationship is in crisis because all their strength comes from the image they build about themselves, and if the relationship is not good, they become extremely insecure and ready to pick a fight at any moment. When they calm down, they will simply give up and run out of the relationship.




Virgos desperately try to find some fun that will turn their thoughts away from a big problem. They are pretty paranoid, and even when they appear to be cool on the outside, inside, they are in hell because they are trying to find the reason why their relationship didn’t work and blame themselves.

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Libras become workaholics in these situations. They are the symbol of balance, and when love makes them lose it, they try to get back to normal by doing twice as more because they think everything will be fine that way.




When Scorpios are unhappy, they start making the distance, and it is very clear, or they look for a reason to fight about everything with a partner. When Scorpios realize they are unhappy, they definitely won’t try to fix things, nor will they worry about the feelings of their partner.





The Sagittarius in these situations become passively aggressive. They have outbursts of anger that they break in the partner’s face without any warning. On the outside, they might still look cheerful and happy, but that's as long as they manage to hold their tongue when a poisonous comment comes. Once these brakes disappear, their polite behavior disappears too.




Capricorns try to control everything in ordinary circumstances, and this need becomes even worse when they realize that their relationship is coming to an end. They do their best to find the problem and solve it, even when they are aware of the fact that there is no solution. Since they hate the change, even when they themselves are not satisfied with the relationship, they will do their best to save it, just so that they don’t have to go through the agony of seeking a new partner.




The Aquarius devise incredible ways to avoid thinking about the dying relationship, and they are ready to put them to work. If necessary, they will move to another continent with a partner, change job - they will do absolutely everything. If Aquarius suddenly doesn’t have even a minute of time for you, wants to dedicate to career and tells similar things, know that it's time to break up.




When a Pisces is unhappy in a relationship, they will suddenly get an incredible urge for an adventure. They will be careful not to hurt your feelings, and they will probably claim that they love you, but in fact, they’re already looking for the next partner.

Astrologers have a proven way to see if your partner is going to dump you