What irritates Zodiac signs: Crowds drive Aries crazy, delays irritate Virgo...

What irritates each sign of the Zodiac: Some are annoyed by crowds.

Aries has a short fuse, but he calms down quickly

Aries people can easily get irritated by small things, so they often get annoyed in the traffic jam or while waiting in line. Then they become openly unpleasant and don’t hesitate to use bad language. Apart from that, they get irritated by people who always make bad excuses, or if they are patronized, or if they're under pressure. They will become nervous if they spend much time in closed space, or if nothing happens in their environment.

Taurus can't be easily irritated, but the lack of sex frustrates him

Rush, other people's bad taste, ignorance of social norms and insolence drive Taurus insane. If they're deprived of sex for too long, they become frustrated and grumpy. Financial insecurity causes them to forget their good manners.

Gemini doesn't accept limits

Nothing will set Gemini off as human behavior. Arrogant, pessimistic individuals with their negative attitudes and no sense of humor drive them crazy. They also can't stand situations where they have to keep quiet or are being interrupted all the time; as well as those when they have to adjust to others.


Cancer is emotionally affected by injustice

Cancer people become nervous when hungry, hot, cold or inappropriately dressed. Provocation, obvious injustice, and ingratitude from people to whom they helped can make them furious. But, most of all, they will be struck if they feel forgotten or that their opinion is not relevant anymore.

Leo finds it hard to admit defeat

Leos are very short-tempered, but just like Aries; they quickly forget what made them angry. They feel sorry if they are deprived of their comfort, if they put on some weight, have to work on a hot summer day, or don’t have money for their hedonistic pleasures. They don't like situations where they cannot fully express their talents, so others seem to be better than them.

What irritates Zodiac signs: Crowds drive Aries crazy, delays irritate Virgo, and Pisces can't stand sarcasm

Virgo is irritated by chaos, delays, and mess

Despite their incredible self-control, Virgos are going to express anger if they have chaos around them, or if a person is late for an arranged meeting. They are bothered if people don't return a phone call, or they have to change their plans. They can't stand people who are complaining all the time, and a day when they have to pay their bills is their worst nightmare.

Libras can't stand being yelled at

Libras often try to conceal that they are angry, except before their close friends. What bothers them the most is when someone yells at them or treats them without respect. Boredom and dissatisfaction with their appearance can be anger triggers.


Scorpio is irritated by lies

It doesn't take much to annoy Scorpio people; they will fight back with insults. They don't like people who borrow something and never give it back, those who tell lies about them, and when they are blamed for something they didn't do. It bothers them if their close friends hide something from him, and they go mad if they find out that someone was lying to them.

Sagittarius is bothered by complaints and other people's expectations

If they are nervous, Sagittarians behave unpredictably, and usually shout and swear. They are annoyed if people don't say what they think, complain or try to control their lives. They can easily get irritated if they have to stay home, or nothing’s going on in their lives, or they don't have time to enjoy their hobbies.

Capricorn is irritated by immoral people and unreasonable behavior

It takes a lot to make them angry, but once they do snap, they need days to calm down. They can't stand immoral people, or when they have to be with those they don't like, or unreasonable behavior, or when they spend more money than they have planned. Nothing irritates them more than friends who don't trust them.

Aquarius gets angry if a friend betrays him

Aquarians can easily get angry and are tend to behave childishly. They are nervous when are expected to act in a certain way when they can't be themselves. They are bothered if other mocks the way they look or talk. They get furious if a partner, a close friend or a family member betrays them.

Pisces can't stand sarcasm and wasted efforts

Pisces are not bothered by circumstances and situations, but people's behavior that they take very seriously. They can't stand sarcasm, provocation, and patronizing. They will get angry if they put a lot of effort in something, and people around them don't respect it. Craving for sweets, late night calls and search for parking place are Pisces’s anger triggers.


What irritates Zodiac signs: Crowds drive Aries crazy, delays irritate Virgo, and Pisces can't stand sarcasm