What you see first will show you what mistakes you make in your life

The first thing you notice in this picture will depend on what is going on in your subconsciousness and will point out to mistakes that you may make in life and

on which your future may depend on.

The first thing you see in this picture is actually a reflection of your subconsciousness. Some things in your life that you may not be aware of, come out to the surface when you least expect it. One way to peek into what is buried deep in your soul is to take a look at the picture that hides more than one scene in it.

The first thing you notice will depend on what bothers you in life, what makes you happy, who you really are, what you desire...

Look at the picture and find explanations beneath


Woman with umbrella

An umbrella that ladies used to carry symbolizes aristocracy, but it is also a symbol of the connection between heaven and earth. The fact that you first saw a woman with an umbrella, suggests that you want to protect yourself from this world, people, lifestyle, and valuing things. You are more turned towards heavenly than earthly things. You need a break, but not so much physically as much as mentally. Try to fill yourself with positive energy, work on spiritual development and give your creativity a chance to come to the fore.

What you see first will show you what mistakes you make in your life

Face of a man

If you first saw the face of a man with curly hair, it shows that you are cunning, full of ideas on how to realize some of your plans, because subconsciously you go towards it. However, you should be careful not to lose reason on this path, that is, not to forget the value of what you're headed for, whether it is something material or spiritual. It is possible that interesting changes will come into your life. You will be full of energy and you will cope great with various situations. Now is the right time to start something that you have in mind.

Sailing boat

Boat symbolizes prosperity that could ‘sail’ into your life. The fact that you first saw a sailboat reveals that you are a person with big plans and you know very well which are your goals - you see them clearly. But, if you want your life to go the way you imagined, it is important not to burden yourself. The thing is that the boat with too much cargo on it will sink. Take care of your mental and physical health and spend more time with people who are close to you - with your family and friends.


Smoke out of chimney

Smoke symbolizes the soul leaving the body, and the fact that you firs saw the smoke from all the possible scenes, reveals that you are too obsessed with work in life and don’t notice that your soul suffers because of that. When a man's soul is empty, then problems in all aspects of life and health appear. Step away a little from material things and let yourself rest. Divert your thoughts from work to your spiritual health. It will fill you with positive energy. You will automatically be more successful and satisfied.


What you see first will show you what mistakes you make in your life