Zodiac signs and the end of romance: In a bad relationship every Virgo necessarily gets sick, Scorpio has no longer understanding for you

Taurus won't do anything for you anymore; Gemini is often unavailable, Leo dedicates to work, Sagittarius goes out with friends often...

ARIES: Aries is always sincere so you won’t have to look for the signs.

When he loves you, he openly shows it, and the same is when he doesn't. You will easily understand that he is not interested in you anymore. They'll stop paying attention to anything you do and will always be somewhere where you are not, usually with friends. He won’t have time for you and won’t hesitate to tell you this.

TAURUS: Taurus is a possessive sign and when he loves you, he dedicates all his attention to you. He is always here for you, to listen and give advice, or do something for you. When he’s no longer interested, he’ll stop doing anything for you, and your presence becomes boring. He will often tell you openly that you bother him and that he has too much work. He simply does not want to deal with you. 

GEMINI: You used to talk a lot, exchange ideas, go out together and have fun. Now he’s going out without you and rarely remembers to inform you at all. Sometimes you call him and he is not available or doesn’t answer, and later tells you a bunch of meaningless excuses. He certainly won’t tell you it’s over because he’s waiting for you to realize that yourself, get tired of it and leave.


CANCER: If he always greets you with a smile and has only words of praise for you, he must still love you. But if he’s often frowning, and nothing you do is good enough, this is the first sign that you need to pay attention to. Cancer can be pretty unpleasant when they are disappointed. They will constantly blame you for something and will complain about your behavior; they are constantly dissatisfied.

LEO: When they love, Leos demand all your attention. They also try to be very careful to you. Therefore, it won’t be difficult to realize that love is gone, once it is. Since every Leo is very dedicated to work, now he will devote himself much more to it than before. For you he will have less and less time.  


VIRGO: In a good relationship Virgo is always great organized and totally dedicated to her partner. She does everything to make his life easier and does it without grumbling. The first sign that something is wrong is her constant complaining and dissatisfaction. After that comes an illness. In a bad relationship every Virgo necessarily gets sick. That way, she unconsciously refuses to do anything for you.

LIBRA: With Libra it is hard to notice the signs that love is over. She controls herself very well and conceals her disappointment. She will treat you the way she did before. She will be especially sweet and kind if she is interested in someone else, because then she feels a bit guilty. Pay attention to how she is trying to be beautiful because she is maximally dedicated to her looks when in love. 

SCORPIO: When in love, Scorpio will forgive you everything. You can be the biggest criminal; she will have understanding for you. If passion is gone, you will see her other face. Stings that entertained you earlier and were funny because they were addressed to other people will now be directed towards you. She no longer has understanding for your shortcomings and can be quite cruel.


SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius won't hide he's not into you anymore so you don't need to look for signs. He will always be somewhere away from you, with his own friends. The Sagittarius are never tactical so they can openly tell you that you are boring and that his friends are more fun to be with. And they can often joke about your physical appearance. 

CAPRICORN: With Capricorn you can’t easily notice that something is wrong. He can act the same as before, even though he had lost all interest in you. The only thing you may notice is the fact that he is always busy. His work commitments are piling up, and you see him less and less, but when you do see him he behaves normally. If you try to make him spend more time with you, he will make you feel guilty for having nothing to do while he has to work.

AQUARIUS: Every Aquarius sees his partner as a best friend. He will certainly tell you if a person who interests him or her has appeared. Aquarius expects you to have to understand for something like that, and that you will remain friends. If you don’t belong to such people and see love with different eyes, it is best to avoid this sign. 

PISCES: Pisces will never tell you that they are no longer interested in you. If someone else appeared, they would try to hide it and makeup thousands of lies so that you don’t find out. At the same time they will start doing everything they know bothers you to make you leave. They don’t do it consciously, but the inability to be open with you, will make them do it.