YOU KEEP CHOOSING WRONG PARTNERS? Numerology will tell you what's that all about!

Knowledge of numbers can help us a lot in emotional life. Each of us has its own personal number, which is easily calculated, and it gives an insight into our, but also our partner's personality. Numbers are like magic. If we find a person with whom we are numerologically compatible, there is a possible beautiful relationship, which can become permanent and even lead to marriage.

However, some relationships fail despite the efforts of both partners; something seems to be missing or the character differences are too great to keep the relationship alive. You may have met a person who is not compatible with your personal number. In order to avoid emotional wandering or get tied to wrong partners, we bring you a numerological guide that will help you in your love quest or tell you what is wrong in your relationship.

Calculate your and your partner's number

In order to find out whether you are right for each other, your and your partner's date of birth are enough. Your personal number is the key according to which you can numerologically find out how compatible you are emotionally with your partner. Simply add up the numbers in your birth date and convert them into a single number, and that is your personal number. Do the same with your partner's.

For example, if your birthday is on 01/23/1982, you need to add the figures of day, month and year and turn them into one number.

Month: 1

Day: 2 + 3 = 5

Year: 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 20 Then  2+0 = 2

Add everything: 1+ 5 + 2= 8 
Your persona number is 8.

The next step is to find out the birthday of a person with whom you are in love with. Calculate his or her personal number. When you do this, please take a look at our description of the numbers that will show you whether you and your partner are numerological soulmates.

Number 1 - Great lovers

People born in number 1 are very persistent and often stubborn. They are born leaders, ambitious and creative. They are very self-confident, and they are great lovers. When it comes to their loved one they are very possessive, but also protective. The person they love is precious to them and they like showing them off. Courting is never a problem for them since they win people over with undisputed charm. 


Number 2 – romantics

Diplomatic and peaceful attitude is characteristic of people born in number 2. They are great romantics and very imaginative people. They are characterized by patience and compassion and kindness in contact with others. They are adaptable and very pleasant to live together with. In love they are warm and they need a lot of love proofs from their partners so that they feel loved. They need a partner who will appreciate their loyalty and sincerity and who will understand their frequent mood swings and the fact they are too sensitive. 

YOU KEEP CHOOSING WRONG PARTNERS? Numerology will tell you what's that all about!

Number 3 – Easily fall in love

Number three are people with great optimism and generosity. They are well-intentioned and hospitable and love enjoying life and nice things. They are spiritual, compassionate and easily fall in love, so they need a partner who will calm them down and give them security. In love, people born in number 3 are very sensitive, but not stable. They are in constant search for an ideal romantic partner, so they often go from one relationship to another.

Number 4 - Difficult to commit

People born in number 4 are very independent and love their freedom. They are witty and original, and because of their interesting personality they are well received in every company. They can talk on any subject, know how to tell jokes and love people. In love they are often unpredictable and it’s hard for them to make a commitment because they quickly find a flaw to everyone. Before they settle down with someone, they go through turbulent love life.

Number 5 – They hide their feelings

They are very communicative people who are characterized by resourcefulness, skill and speed. They are creative, naturally charming and fun. They are curious and love going out, partying and traveling. In love relationships they are often too rigid because they rationalize everything and are emotionally difficult to open. But they are very seductive, so they are very successful in this field. They get along best with people born in number one and six.

Number 6 - Love comes first

People born in number 6 are real artistic souls that possess imagination, good and lenient nature and tolerance, and that puts them at the top of most desirable romantic partners. They are always calm, often tractable, and love comes first for them in everything they do. They easily fall in love and are in constant search for a soulmate.


Number 7 – They will do everything for their partner

They are intuitive and imaginative people, often very spiritual. They are reasonable, tolerant and indulgent. But they are very sensitive, so it is very easy to hurt them. They recover hard from love problems, so it will take a lot of time before they decide to enter a new relationship. In love they are gentle, romantic and sensual and they will do anything for their partner. Although they have great intuition, they often choose the wrong partner.

Number 8 – They are cautious in love 

People born in number eight are practical people who stand firmly on the ground. They don’t get carried away by unrealistic goals; they are very careful and systematic. They are patient and have great self-control. They have an analytical mind and in love they are even too cautious. They are very afraid of being hurt, so they will choose their partners long and carefully.

Number 9 - Committed conquerors

People born in number nine are passionate and energetic, but often very stubborn and rash. They are sincere and don’t like beating around the bush. They have great mental strength, but also expressed libido. When they are in love, they completely lose their head. They conquer directy and charmingly, regardless of the sex. Both women and men of this number easily fall in love and will do everything to win the person they like.

YOU KEEP CHOOSING WRONG PARTNERS? Numerology will tell you what's that all about!