Choose a flower and find out what it says about your personality!

Rose, orchid, lily... Each flower reveals something about your personality.


Flowers are much more than a decoration in a vase or pot. A flower that attracts your attention, or one you like, says something about your character.  

Meredith Waga Perez, the well-known New York florist, shared her professional knowledge and revealed what each flower says about one's personality and character.

1. Rose

Travels and adventures are a way of life of rose lovers. These people are fascinated by different cultures and their authentic characteristics, so they never go out of style and are always in full bloom.

2. Peony

Nothing represents peony more than a closet full of garments that show off your female attributes. You will have, or you have already had, very elegant wedding. Having in mind that peony grows in many countries of the world, you feel good where ever you go.

3. Magnolia

Magnolia blossoms only in May, and it is the oldest known flower. People who love this flower are rare and gracious, and they probably come from rich families.

Choose a flower and find out what it says about your personality!

4. Hydrangea

Just like the color of hydrangea, your mood changes with the seasons; summer being your favorite. You are sensitive and a bit quarrelsome person in your social and work environment. Hydrangea absorbs water through its 'head', which implies that you do not mind having a cocktail or a glass of wine after a hard day at work.

5. Orchid

People who like orchids are shrewd and somehow secretive, but everyone likes a bit of mystery, right? When it comes to travels these people like exotic destinations.

6. Tulip

Your clothing, taste in food, and life experience vary, just like the colors of tulips. In other words, these people lead rich and interesting social life.

7. Lily

People who like lilies, Meredith says, are probably blessed to have long legs or admirable shoes collection. Also, they are independent in their relations. In fact, lilies are one of few flowers that can self-pollenate.

Choose a flower and find out what it says about your personality!